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David Geaney's US Tour Premiere

By David Geaney


I am crowdfunding a small amount to help with some of the pre production costs associated with improving and remodelling my Irish music and Dance show, "Velocity", which I am taking to New York this year for its US Premiere.

Having debuted Velocity at the Edinburgh Fringe in August to rave press reviews, being dubbed "the best dance hour of the fringe", we are now remodelling it, improving it before bringing it to the US! However, the run in Edinburgh wasn’t all plain sailing. A series of unfortunate events including a damning injury to James Devine and a bereavement of a very close family member led to a gruelling run and an unavoidable substantial financial loss which we couldn’t afford, making funding for this amazing opportunity all the harder. Having been unsuccessful at government funding and corporate sponsorship, here we are!

At 23 years old, I am personally funding the entire US Tour, from flights, accommodation, visas, pre production, marketing, rental, rehearsals etc. While we are getting paid a small amount for our run in NY, the theatre is a not for profit organisation.

If my campaign is successful all the money will contribute towards the costs of pre production coming at roughly €15,000. Given my desire to want to grasp this opportunity with both hands I will incur the costs associated with improving the show to take full advantage of an opportunity I might never get again! Funds will be distributed on improvements in:
Set Design &Light Design (€1000),Video Backdrop Design (€2000),Audio design,Props (€500), Travel Costs (€8000),Rental Equipment (€2500) including sound equipment not provided in house & Rehearsal Space Hire in NY (€1000).

If the campaign is unsuccessful, I will be unable to do some of the remodelling and improvements!

Velocity The Show was founded in 2015 when I first collaborated with world record holder for the fastest feet in the world, James Devine! Driven by precision, power and speed, Velocity is an electric show that combines world class music, dancing and video. The show brings the audience on a journey through the evolution of Irish music and dance, from the Sean-Nós era, to the travelling dance master, to the famous feis scene, right up to the modern interpretation of Irish dancing. The show features a stellar cast of 5 mind blowing musicians, 4 world-champion dancers and an amazing tech-crew! Velocity pushes the boundaries of Irish dance incorporating technology no Irish dancer has used to date while still staying respectful to our roots and passion we all love! Right now the budget/cash flow is my biggest challenge. This project is a huge undertaking- our first time out on the road and with a large group and no agents/managers involved to deal with unexpected issues. A tough task but one I am committed to!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the continued support! I wouldn't be in this position to ask for your help had you not supported me all along! I really appreciate it and can’t wait for you to see Velocity very soon!