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David O'Caoimh: Wake To Wake

By Jonathan MacCann


The funds raised from this campaign will go towards post-production costs including: music licensing and editing. These costs add up very quickly and our goal with this Fund it campaign is to fund a small fraction of the total expenses with money that we need right now to get the film finished in time for its television release in Ireland, in November 2014.

Programme Description:
2014 for professional Wakeboarder David O’Caoimh is make or break as he attempts to make a name for himself as a full time pro wakeboarder. Irish number 1, David takes us around the world in his inspiring journey and documents the rise of one of the most progressive men in wakeboarding today as he attempts to achieve his professional goals including: defending his Irish Nationals Champion title for the fifth year in a row and qualifying for the USA Pro Tour for the first time as a rookie.

The story begins following David during his pre-season training as he tries to find out what kind of wakeboarder does he want to be and learns the difficulty in finding the balance between his career, its nomadic lifestyle and his personal relationships.

Throughout all of this we will also document every competition David enters following his struggles and triumphs as he wins and possibly loses some international competitions including: The Wakeboarding World Cup; The ‘King of the Wake’ games Chill 'N' Ride and Wakestock, as well as all of the Irish competitions.

As a film-maker I have worked with, or had my work featured by, many of Ireland's television stations. I understand the complexities and what it takes to get this project done - and I always deliver what I promise. It is a valid question to ask why I did not seek total financial backing from a major sponsor early on in the project, especially since David is sponsored by a number of sports brand? The reality is, and most film makers will agree, taking the independently produced road provides the artist with maximum creative control. While we do have some sponsors coming on board to back the project in its final stages, it is your support that helps us continue independently for as long as possible. My priority has been to ensure that David and I were able to tell his inspiring story in his own voice and honoring his journey. As well as this Wakeboarding, particularly in Ireland does not has a massive following, which is another reason why we want to make this project, to increase the sport's fanbase both in Ireland and abroad.



Half Way There!

Hi Everyone! David and I just wanted to give you an update to say we've passed the halfway point! Obviously none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for all of your support. Whether you donated to our project directly or shared the link, the support has been great! A massive thank you to our sponsors as well: Monster Energy; Obrien Watersports; Billabong; Thongs flipflops and Xtreme Gene. Linked below is the First Official Trailer for the show to give you guys a better idea of the story and how David's year ahead is shaping up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4YW5kMDPvU

Behind The Scenes

Here's a short behind the scenes video from our day's filming up at Cable and Wake in Belfast. https://vimeo.com/84773633

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