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"They slam against the walls, the doors, the windows. The relentless battering goes on for days. Their bones break as they throw themselves against the walls. Slowly, cracks begin to appear and it's not long before they swarm through the house."

After fleeing the zombie-infested city, Cara is trying to carve out a normal life in the isolated Irish countryside for herself and her younger brothers, Mikey and Bucket. But nowhere is safe. Her attempt to create a safe haven is interrupted by the arrival of a lonely stranger.

Dead End is a contemporary zombie western black comedy, to be made by final year students of DIT School of Media.

We need your support to make this film happen. Our fundraising goal is €4,000 which will go towards renting equipment and shooting in the countryside with transport, accommodation and food. The art direction of this film is extremely important, with a gratuitous amount of blood, black mucus and bog involved. It will feature guns, explosions, severed limbs, and a horse. So the production values of the art department need to be high.

We will also be fundraising and investing our own money into this, and offering perks for our contributors including:

-Regular email updates from the production team with photos and video from behind the scenes
-Prints of stills from the film
-A DVD of the finished piece
-A booklet of production material
-A guest appearance as a zombie in our film

Our savings, as people who have been students for four years, do not amount to much. Although we are putting as much of our own money as possible into the film, it will not be enough to accommodate the requirements of the project. The money you pledge will go towards the special effects, resources and talent.

We believe the script will make an interesting and engaging short. Our aim is to make a zombie film with a rural Irish feel; its essential Irishness is what makes the project unique. We want Dead End to be as good and gruesome as possible and we can only achieve this with your support.

This film cannot be made without your contributions. We have asked for four thousand euro because it would be impossible to achieve the standard we are aiming for without this amount. If we do not reach our target, we will not receive any donations, so please support Dead End.

Please help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. If you know of any locations, resources or anything that could help this project, please contact us.

Thanks for listening!



Five Days To Go!

Hello everybody! Most importantly, thank you to everybody who has helped with our campaign! We cannot stress enough that we could not be making this film without you and your support will be recognised in our finished film. Over the last two weeks, pieces have been falling into place. We have secured an incredible location, an idyllic country cottage in Glenmalure, County Wicklow. Our camera department have done technical tests in our location, and are delighted with the results. Our sound department, however, are facing quite a challenge from the beautiful waterfall on the property but we have complete trust in them to work around this. We have also decided on most of our main actors. Timmy is pleased as Punch with our cast and cannot wait to bring this project to life with this talented bunch. We have also secured fantastic make-up and special effects artists who we’re all looking forward to working with. We’ve had some wonderful guest speakers in to offer insight on our projects. Firstly Declan King, a seasoned cameraperson, came in to guide our camera department through their equipment. Paddy Breathnach, director of Man About Dog and I Went Down, shared his wisdom of his experienced directorial techniques. A first assistant director, Jonny Shaw, talked through the tough job of scheduling with our own ADs, who by no means have an easy task. Finally, Martina Niland described the role of a producer by talking through her career from Pavee Lackeen to Once. We will remember their advice as we head into our own productions. This last week of preproduction is going to be fundamental to the outcome of our shoot. We will be working out the logistics of transporting, housing and feeding our team for a week in the far end of Wicklow. Ideally, we all won’t kill one another! Tim and our DoP Marcus will be preparing shot lists and storyboards and soon will be rehearsing with our cast. Our art director will be sourcing costume and props that will enhance the world of Dead End. We are so close to reaching our target of €4000 and we hope we can do it in the remaining five days. Your support so far has been incredible; we’re looking for one final push to get us over the last. If you could please share our campaign one last time, any effort will be much appreciated. We will be thankful for every show of kindness. Thank you again, and we’ll update you again once we have reached our Fund it goal, fingers crossed! Much Love, Penny and Liam Co-producers, Dead End

One Week In

Hello everybody! Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, we've had a great first week and we're delighted to see people backing our campaign. Thank you very much, your contribution means a lot to us. We've been very busy location scouting in Wicklow, doing camera tests and starting the casting process for our actors. We've also been in contact with make-up artists, costume hire and a stunt coordinator for advice and hands-on help. Our director is also furiously working on the script, which will be locked shortly. We're optimistic about this week's progress, but we still have a long way to go before we reach our Dead End. Please help us if you can, we will be eternally grateful. Thank you again to those who have already helped us. We'll update you again next week! Penny and Liam Co-producers

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