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'Decision Problem' by John Rogers

By John Rogers


“In the beginning there was the command line...”

My new play is a piece of science fiction theatre called 'Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]'. It charts the origin, rapid rise and possible future of computers. Through the use of dance and technology, I hope to bring you on a journey that reveals the wonder of the digital universe and questions what the future has in store for humanity. This is a creation myth for the digital age.

This is a piece of pop-technology and I believe it will capture the imagination of sci-fi fans, lovers of technology, anyone who has a smartphone and those of us curious about what the next technological trend may have in store – in other words, geeks like me! Plus I hope it will appeal to people who thought they'd never be interested in what goes on in a computer's head.

My name is John Rogers and I am from Leitrim, now based in Galway City. I have over ten years experience in theatre, appearing in 'Frank Pig Says Hello' with Dr. Dappertutto at Dublin Fringe Festival 2005, 'Dystance' with Mephisto in 2008 and 'After The End' with Moonfish in 2008 amongst many other productions.

I studied theatre in NUI Galway, completing the MA in Theatre & Drama Studies in 2010. During this time I studied ensemble devising under Max Hafler and postdramatic theatre under Thomas Conway. I interned with Elevator Repair Service in NYC in 2010. I have subsequently worked as actor and creator with Galway-based theatre companies Theatrecorp, Moonfish, Waterdonkey and Sideshow. I worked with Waterdonkey on the devising and presentation of the 12-hour extravaganza 'Happening' at Dublin Fringe Festival 2011.

I also studied computer engineering in IT Sligo, and worked for a time as a software engineer in Galway. I retain a strong interest in technology, and, in particular, in the development of digital communication software applications for computers and smartphones.

Most recently, I presented a work-in-progress of 'Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]' at the Town Hall Studio, Galway, and at FRINGE FUSE, Dublin.

This Fund it campaign's target of one thousand euro is approximately a third of the projected budget and the money you pledge will be used mainly for three things – choreography, lighting and stage management running costs.

I hope you consider making a donation. I have some cool rewards for you, take a look below.

Thanks for listening!



65% with 8 days remaining!

A massive thank you to those of you who have funded. 8 days to raise €250 – it's very doable with your help. Rehearsals are going great. I've started work with my choreographer and there are parts of me hurting that I didn't know I had! The piece is taking shape with much of that coming from the new dance content. Some ideas might have to be shelved. Audience participation through social media is starting to feel like an add-on rather than an integral element of the show. Of course that might change again this week. I'll keep you posted!

We're live

Thank you Aoife and Cathy for getting the ball rolling. So we're live. It feels good to have this campaign up and running. And I look forward to keeping you all updated as to how rehearsals are going and what else I'm up to in regards production stuff and so on. Most days I start devising/rehearsing around 9am and work until lunchtime at 1pm. After lunch I work on production stuff -- Fund It, design, emails, etc. -- and then wrap up my day at around 5pm. It's strange to be (mostly) by myself. In ways it's liberating, even I find it hard to argue with myself! But in other ways it's harder. There is no-one to push me but myself so there is always the concern that when it comes to making an artistic decision I might settle for the easier option. But the work is faster -- when a decision is made or some new content found, this is accepted without fuss. Making theatre with my computer connected live to the internet is a challenge. It's so easy to be distracted by an email or somebody's Facebook update. I just have to allow myself to go with the flow and see what happens. That's all for now. Peace & love, John.

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