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Diary Number 33

By Loopheadfilms


Hallo, my name is Cassandra and I am a script writer and film producer. I produced two short films inbetween courses at Filmbase, Irish Film Academy and acting classes with Terry McMahon and Vinny Murphy. Diary number 33 is my third film, only this time I am working with a crew. I am especially happy with Brendan D'Arcy, Director of Photography. 

I wrote the short film, Diary Number 33 but then realised that I can develop the script into a series for tv. The first episode was read and loved by Sean Moffat, a professional script writer for RTE and BBC, who lectures in scriptwriting. He is my mentor and also will take part in making the series a success.

The crew and actors are all enthusiastic and are throwing themselves into their roles/characters with a sheer determination to bring the characters alive.  The experienced special effects Make-up artist, Gill, will bring certain characters up to Hollywood style. 

We decided to film the first three episodes so we can expose the series by submitting it to various festivals and networks.

Let me introduce the names (faces on our facebook page Diary Number 33) of the crew:

Director of Photography: Brendan D'Arcy
Writer, Director, Producer: Cassandra C Lottering
Sound effects: Abigail Denniston
Wardrobe: Glenda McGarry
Special effects Make-up: Emma Moffat

Cast: Photos and names on Facebook page

Swords, County Dublin

The funding we are seeking as a team, will ensure the following are looked after:
Insurance - public liability and equipment
To feed  cast and crew
Travel Expenses for all involved
Sound, Lighting and Equipment hire
Special effects makeup

We appreciate your support and funding which will help us to ensure the success of the series.

I will keep our facebook page, Diary Number 33, up to date with our progress.

Kindest Regards, Cassandra



DOP and Sound Engineer

DOP, Stephen Gaffney and Stephen Gaffney, Sound Engineer, joined the team that will make Diary Number 33 successful. We are currently busy with the re shoot of episode 1. I am so grateful to have them on the team!


I have been visiting businesses in Swords, street walking, talking and I must say the people in Swords I spoke to are really excited for this series to be filmed in Swords. A second little trailer went on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/diary33

Episode 1: Musk - 13 October 2013

Brilliant day of filming. Emma, we so appreciate your incredible artwork/special effects. You are brilliant! From 8 till late late. Brendan did special effects as well. The one scene looked so real that the Gardai were called. 3 popped up in private clothes and were well impressed when they saw the filming scene. They were so kind and left smiling. Actors ye were super great and Brendan, do I need to say? Your camera work is most EXCELLENT! and Liam Kidney, thank you for helping out with the sound! See ye all soon. a little teaser will be posted on the facebook page later this week.

Episode 1: Musk

Big thanks and appreciation to Hannigans Butcher in Applewood Swords for providing what we need for as an introduction scene! Filming of the third scene of Musk on Sunday 13 October 2013. Photos will be posted of cast and crew of the scene on the facebook page.

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