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Docklands Arts Fund - September '15

By Docklands Arts Fund


Do you live, work or play in Dublin’s Docklands? Join us in funding Ireland’s first non-profit cultural fund.

What is the Docklands Arts Fund?

Over the next six months, we will launch a series of crowdfunding campaigns as part of a comprehensive fundraising campaign for a Docklands Arts Fund. In spring 2016, we will then hold and Open Call for artists and arts organisations based in the Docklands Area to apply to that fund.

This will be the first ever arts fund of its type in Ireland.

The Dublin Docklands area is remarkably diverse. In addition to housing the industrial artery into the city, it is a vibrant and thriving living quarter. There is so much to see and do, so many hidden gems and unknown experiences. We want to bring this community together to ramp up artistic activity, and we plan to have an adventure along the way…

Why a Fund it Campaign?

September kicks off the first of six Fund it projects. The money raised from each project will go into the final fund, launched in Spring 2016, and each project will give people the chance to join the fun along the way:

We will commission a very special limited edition art print to celebrate the launch of the Docklands Arts Fund. As the Fund is all about endless possibilities and unknown future artworks, the artist and the commission won’t be revealed until the Arts Fund launch in the spring.
In keeping with the element of adventure, we will host mystery tours of the hidden treasures in the Docklands Area.
All Fund it pledgors will be invited to the Docklands Arts Fund launch event in spring 2016

This Fund it campaign is part of the bigger picture:

The full Docklands Arts Fund fundraising strategy will be made up of:
• Lead corporate sponsors/investors
• Unrestricted donations from local companies of all sizes
• Sponsorship of defined-projects
• Opportunities with employee giving & fundraising schemes
• Community crowdfunding

The Dream?

To raise the largest fund possible for arts projects from a variety of sources. We are also looking for people who will help us spread the word, and become leaders of a new way to help make creative projects in the heart of Dublin's Docklands happen.

What Next?

Pledge and join the Docklands Arts Fund. We’ll keep you posted with projects along the journey. If you enjoy being part of it, we’ll ask you to tell other people about the later campaigns… At the end you will receive your piece of Docklands Art and be invited to the launch.

The Docklands Arts Fund is led by the team at Business to Arts, in partnership with Dublin City Council.

For further information please see: www.businesstoarts.ie/artsfund
or talk to the Business to Arts team: Andrew, Rowena, Jackie, Claire, Jay and Margarita.

Thank you for taking the leap with us!