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DOGS by Emma Martin Dance

By Emma Martin Dance



Thanks for visiting my Fund it page.

Let me tell you a little about my project. Since late 2010 I have been thinking about this piece I want to make, which is called DOGS. I want to create a piece that filters the extremities of human emotional distress through the body. I want to explore struggle and fragility of the human spirit, from the small-scale, banal emotion to more epic and theatricalized depictions of anger, rage and conflict. Despite the heavy themes, the idea is to use dance and vigorous physicality as a vehicle of catharsis and, in a strange way, a celebration of human expression. The title came from thinking about how we humans have shown ourselves to be much like dogs in our susceptibility to the pack instinct, but also about if we were to let go of all social rules, conduct and acceptable behavior, what would happen?

I’ll be creating this piece with composer Tom Lane, who also created the music for Listowel Syndrome together with percussionist Bryan O’Connell, joined by soprano Elizabeth Woods and a amazing cast of 6 international dancers. With the support of an Arts Council bursary and Dance Ireland, with whom I am delighted to be an Associate Artist, I workshopped some ideas for 2 weeks in December 2011. I am interested in using opera as a medium for this work for it’s heightened sense of theatricality and grandeur, but specifically using baroque composition and opera as an influence. Listening to this type of music, Handel, Bach, Purcell, I often get a real sense of sadness, but beautiful sadness from. So we’re working with a harpsichord, percussion, viola, voice and various mics and loop stations to create the aural world of this piece. Though drums might seem like an odd addition, rhythm and percussive drive is something I’m totally engrossed with and want to reveal the heartbeat or pulse of the piece.

The piece will be created over the course of 5 weeks. We will begin rehearsals in August and perform for one week at Project Arts Centre's Space Upstairs in September (10-15) as one of the key dance shows at ABSOLUT Fringe.

This project is primarily funded by an Arts Council Project award and supported Dance Ireland.However, after paying performers, musicians, designers, production team, rehearsal space, transport and everything else get, we still have to costume 6 dancers, a singer, 2 musicians AND create a beautiful stage in which to present this work to you at the ABSOLUT Fringe.

We need a minimum of €4,000 to do this. By pledging what you can, you will be helping us to make this work the best it can be. You will actually see your pledge onstage, being worn by a dancer or framing and lighting a singer.

I would greatly appreciate any pledge you can make. Even a little would help a lot.

Huge thanks,

Emma and all the team involved in DOGS



A Heart-felt Thank You.

Dear Friends and supporters, We want to express our huge thanks and gratitude for your belief and support in our new dance production DOGS. We are absolutely overwhelmed by your incredible generosity. Thank you so so much for bringing us beyond our target! We look forward to meeting and thanking you in person at the show in September (10-15th) at Project Arts Centre in Dublin. We're getting set to start rehearsals in the next few weeks, so it's all shoulders to the wheel from now until mid-September. Our rehearsals begin mid August, production meetings are taking place and our ambition is beginning to become reality. The team at ABSOLUT Fringe are printing up the Festival programme which will be launched mid July. Soon after that we will be in touch with details of your tickets and other rewards. Until then it's heads down writing, singing, dancing, playing, drumming, envisaging, listening, talking, dancing. Thank you most sincerely for helping us make it all happen. Emma, Jen and everyone else involved in DOGS.

Thank you so much!

We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged so far, your generosity and support for this show is greatly appreciated. We always knew that we would dread this final intense phase, when we turn into nags, annoying everyone with our social media updates. Believe us when we say, we know it can be a 'little' overbearing. But let me promise you it won't have been in vain! Your money, is gold dust money. €4000 is the minimum we need for our set/lighting/costume budget. The more we get, the more we can do for the final result. Our mind's eye(s) imagines a space that fills your eyes, ears and bones with an atmosphere of beautiful strangeness. The unfamiliar familiar. The more we get, the more we can honor our vision. Every little really does help. Thank you again to our incredibly generous supporters. We cannot wait to start creating and rehearsing with the entire cast and creative team, venturing into a new world of possibility. Emma, Jen and everyone else involved in DOGS.

9 days to go!

With 9 days left on our fundit campaign we are 50% towards our goal. We are so very grateful for the generosity of our 23 funder's. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy in Emma Martin Dance. We have spent them working on a variety of things including the copy and image for our show in this years Festival programme. We are incredibly excited by the images that photographer Jonathan Mitchell took and can't wait to see it in the Fringe programme and to give them to some of our very generous fundit pledges. Helping us get over the line to €4,000 will greatly assist us in our vision for the piece. All of our designers meet this week to discuss how we want the Space Upstairs of Project Arts Centre to be transformed into a aural and visual land of Dogs. Your fundit contribution will help make this vision a reality and you will be able to come and experience it and meet with us from September 10th - 15th. Thank you for your time, thank you for your help. I hope you can pledge. Every little helps!

What we've been working on in May....

Elizabeth Woods, Tom Lane, Bryan O'Connell and myself spent a week in Fringe Lab & Temple Lane studios. Here's a snippet of what happened... https://vimeo.com/43180624

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