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Donegal Weather Channel Website

By Donegal Weather Channel


My name is Kenneth Mc Donagh from Ballyshannon Co.Donegal and am the founder of the Donegal weather Channel. Since I was a young lad weather fascinated me, along with the night sky, and from my young teens I began to learn how to read weather charts and forecasts. In 2011 When the page started on facebook I felt I could use one of the talents I had and put it to good use for others to learn.

I operate from Ballyshannon Co.Donegal currently.

The Donegal Weather Channel is a well known weather page around Ireland, the UK and different parts of the world. It started up on the 5th of September 2011 and is growing from strength to strength on Facebook and Twitter and I now feel it is time to take it to another level and get it out there to more people who do not have access to Facebook and Twitter.

The Donegal weather channel also updates on different sky events such as meteor showers, Northern Lights and lots more.

It also updates on world weather news and shares people's photos to help them get out there. The page currently has a following of 27,000 people following on facebook, and reaches over 500,000 to 600,000 people each month and growing as time goes on.

The page was also featured on big news stations across the world such as NASA, CNN news, Fox news, Sky news, UTV Ireland, RTE news, BBC news and 3e.

I feel I can take the Donegal weather channel page to a new level with more detailed forecasts on a website. On a webpage the layout is much better and easier to find info which is a big help for people looking for certain things, which facebook and twitter cannot offer.

I would also have another section which would cover space news and sky events which would have different events that will be happening in the night sky over the coming months.

A weather warning system would also be another aim of mine that warns people well in advance of and storms or any kind of bad weather that may be on the way

Break down of costs
€450 - website and design
€350 - weather station and live weather cam for webpage
€200 - Boltek LD-250 PORTABLE Storm Tracker

Sponsorship towards the website will ensure I can add new features and advance technology, and to ensure the website's future.



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