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Doris' Studio

By Skyhigh


Hello, I am Doris. Recently, I was able to get an old portakabin for free and I just had to pay transport. Unfortunately, the portakabin was dilapidated and badly damaged. The idea is to fix it up as my Studio. I am in my final year studying visual arts and at the moment I work from my bedroom. This situation has become very limiting to me and therefore this portakabin is the perfect solution.

My artwork varies in whatever medium I feel is most suitable for a project. I work with drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, mixed media, printing, photography, video work, performance, sculpture, installation and more. It will be ideal for me to have a proper space to work soon. It will enhance the quality to my college projects at the moment and to my future career.

The cabin looked okay but there are a few problems. The roof is leaking all around and has been for some time, so it has done a lot of damage structurally to the roof and also to the interior ceiling. The floor has rotted away in places and the insulation needs to be replaced and improved. It needs an extra window for light and some decking around it to make easier access for materials. The electric needs a bit of re routing and checking. Then it will be new ceiling boards and a lick of paint. Oh yeah, firstly it needs a new roof. The plan is to put a tin roof on over the existing one, and to throw a bit of a curve on it just for good measure.

Me and my partner Brian already cleared a space for it and have it sitting happy at the back of the house. Inside we have started to gut it, taking out a partition wall and a toilet and sink.

From here on it will start to cost on materials and while 500 euro might not cover it all it would give me a real boost an make it all the more achievable. The labour is from my own input with the help of my partner Brian, which will be quite a challenge for both of us. We were hoping to be finished around Christmas but it could be a bit later. It is hard to know, because of the bad state the portakabin is in, but will see how things go .

This is my first attempt at crowd funding with Brian and I will send out rewards connected to my own visual art work and crafts.

I visually explored sections of my interest about the portakabin in its raw state. I took photographic images, which seem quite abstract and unusual in perspective. Therefore I selected and worked the five best images into a limited edition series 'Indissoluble' . These will be part of your reward selection in postcard form or Photographic A3 print. Please select your image number (see Youtube), when collecting your €45 rewards! You can see the finger puppet dudes here too!

Thank you,
Doris & Brian



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