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Dragon of Shandon Festival and Parade

By Cork Community Art Link


And so it beings…. A Festival for all; Beasts, Visionaries, Ghouls, and Misfits come feast your eyes with wild spectacles as we ignite your imagination. For He is on his way. Emerging from the Underground. Hear his roar. The Dragon of Shandon calls you.

This year the renowned Dragon of Shandon returns for a 3 day celebration of Samhain from the 29th to the 31st of Oct. Taking place in Cork’s Cultural Quarter, Shandon. This new, bigger and wilder event promises to amaze.

For 2 days a big top erected in St Anne’s Park will form the hub of the festival hosting a variety of activities for families by day, while a cabaret of banshees, live music and performances will entertain by night.

In the Firkin Crane get your freak on to Dance Spooktacular while ghost story tellers unveil the more obscure history of Cork in Shandon Tower. And all in expectation of The Dragon of Shandon Parade, as once again the Dragon made entirely of tape rises to walk with you and celebrate the feast of Samhain.

Facilitated by Cork Community Art Link and established in 2006, the Dragon of Shandon Parade has become an annual event in Cork’s cultural calendar. This year will host the inaugural Dragon of Shandon Festival, an expanded event created, organized, and performed by over 500 volunteers, groups and organizations including; Cope Foundation, Enable Ireland, National Learning Network, Cathedral Cairde Youth Club, YWI Cork, Playground of Dreams, Cork Swing Dance Collective, Circus Factory, numerous artists and lots more.

Why We Do It?
For you! The Dragon of Shandon is a community celebration of our traditions. An urban street event which captures the spirit and imagination of people living in Cork. It provides the opportunity for people of all backgrounds and abilities to engage in the culture of their city as visionaries, participants, volunteers, and spectators. The Dragon of Shandon engages, participates, reflects and creates the culture of people living in our City.

2012 saw the best Dragon of Shandon Parade yet, but also a lack of resources to accommodate the numbers wishing to engage and participate in the event. Taking this into consideration and the constant struggle to fund the event, in 2013 it was postponed to provide the opportunity to evaluate, restructure and dream bigger. And so we did!

Why Fund it
The Dragon of Shandon is unique to our city, it puts people at its core, but it also relies on the goodwill of people like you to make it happen. Funding for this project is raised through public and private funding grants and fundraising initatives like Fundit. At present we have raised 70% of our target. With less than 10 weeks to go your contributions are important. By funding this project you will be actively engaging in this community festival and helping to create a little bit of your culture. So go on, be a part of it! The Dragon is calling you!