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Dramatown - Episode 7

By Trevor O'Neill


Dramatown is an Irish Comedy Webseries that can be found on Youtube with 6 Episodes and behind the scenes already live and free to watch.

We have recently been featured at the Dublin Comic Con with all lead cast members interviewed by talent promoter Owen Quinn of Time Warriors UK. Since the latest episode Dramatown has increased in production quality and popularity with a new realistic goal of making it to T.V. screens.

For Episode 7 we have confirmed an Article in the Sunday World to come out and one of Ireland's biggest Youtubers Clisare along with Marc and Jay Abbey from Tallafornia to star in Episode 7.

The aim of Dramatown is to highlight the humour and everyday struggle of people from all ages, backgrounds and beliefs but with a little twist thrown into the mix. We want to capture the unique Irish wit that scripts can sometimes be too rigid to express. The plot begins with three Male friends in their mid 20s struggling to get by and earn some cash but ending up being in all the wrong places at the right time.

With the overwhelming success at the premier screening of Episodes 5 & 6 we are currently in the production stages of Episode 7, and aim to make this an episode that will attract the attention of the industry and a new wave of fans. This is why we are bringing in some help from the main features at Dublin Comic Con such as 'Preditors Ireland' and the '501st Legion' and casting the incredible talent of a couple of Ireland's biggest Youtubers.

So why do we need funding?
We make no profit whatsoever from the series and need finance to purchase lighting, a Steadicam, on board lighting for those winter nights, and if a miracle can occur, a new camera lens. We also need help with other items such as Garda uniform rental and travel.

So why invest in Dramatown?
This is a series that will be featured indefinitely online so your investment becomes a part of history and can be a good source of advertisement. Since the Dramatown fan base is growing, we also plan on putting a huge effort into promotion this time round.

If you want to know more about us check out our Facebook page or download the Podcast interview with Owen Quinn of Time Warriors. Each offer, no matter how small, we are extremely grateful for.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Trevor O’Neill.



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