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Dreams Under The Roof

By Magikloko Theatre Company


DREAMS UNDER THE ROOF by Magikloko Theatre Company is an original children play about the wonder and the effectiveness of dreaming big. On stage Debora Danti and Jessica In- Spiral tell, through quick costume change, live music and live sound effects, the adventures of three dreamers. An old man, a very special carpenter, a talented young boy. They all live in the same building, they all dream under the same roof.

Both the story and the music are devised by Debora Danti and Jessica In- Spiral.
Hannes Yung, our wonderful set designer and incredible dream maker, designed and built for us a big magic box that on stage will be turned into a house, a boat, a carpenter’s workshop, a kitchen and a flying bus.

Everybody in this world should be allowed to dream big and to fulfil their desires; with our production we want to say (out loud) that dreams can turn into reality!
“Tonight we will show you what dreams are made of”, that’s how the story begins.

Magikloko Theatre Company was set up in March 2014 by Debora Danti (playwright, director, performer) and Jessica In- Spiral (violin and percussions player, composer). We combined our biggest passions - theatre and music - to create stories for children. Meaningful stories told in a playful way.The ingredients of our work are poetry, magic, dreams, music and laughs. Our great believe is that theatre and music help to transform people (and in particular children) and make this world a better place.

To fulfil our big dream of staging this new production we really need your precious support. We are, at the moment, at the end of the rehearsing process and we are applying to showcase our work, starting in May, in different venues all over Ireland.

The funding will go towards set and costume making (we need to buy props and costumes for 6 different characters), instruments and technical support (we need lights, a new cajon, a violin stand, a pick-up and an amplifier and small instruments for sound effects), fliers and posters printing, travel and transport (van rental and petrol) accommodation, rehearsal space and venue hire.

We already had some extremely generous people who believe in our dream and offered their help for free.

A giant Thank You to:

Hannes Jung - set designer, fire artist and dream maker

Daniela Danti - graphic designer, video maker and thoughtful sister

Damiano Cecchelin - photographer and "shooting a video in a very cold day" survivor

We hope that you believe in our dream too and you can help us to get all the funds needed for this production.

Thank you so much!