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DREW : Project 7016-Songs by Andy Dunne

By Andy Dunne


With this project “DREW - Project 7016 Songs by Andy Dunne” my intention is to finally give my own music the time, dedication and exposure it deserves.

For the last 20 years I have been part of a band called Galleon. Playing mostly in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area of Germany. During that time, my own material has featured a lot in our recordings and live concerts. 

Photo by Sandra Dunlea

How my songs have been received by our many loyal fans has played a huge part in giving me the boost I've needed to bring them to an even wider audience.  

Photo by Colm Walsh

I have managed to do all preproduction etc in my own home studio but in order to facilitate live drums, final mixing and mastering I will need to use a commercial studio(s).

The target of €5,000 will go towards the following...

* Commercial Studio Time
* Session Musicians
* Mixing & Mastering
* Promotional Photography / Video
* Graphic Design / Promotional Printing
* CD Manufacturing 
* Distribution 
* Online Distribution
* Online Promotion
* Fund it commission fees
* Promotion

I’ve released a number of CD’s over the years which would have included some of my own songs however the main focus of these productions would have been promoting my live covers show. 

To complete this project would mean the world to me, and to be able to do it knowing it's been given the attention to detail I feel it deserves would be amazing.

I honestly feel that since I learned my first guitar chord at age 7, this was always meant to happen. 

With your help, it really could. 

Photo by Jimmy Dunlea

The biggest challenge for any unsigned recording artist is getting the music as much exposure as possible. To give it the best possible chance I intend to invest a considerable amount of funds in online and radio promotion.

So far I’ve invested hours of time in writing, arranging and crafting my songs. A successful funding campaign can make this all worthwhile and bring it to a production level that the songs and you the listener deserve.

I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read about my project. Should you decide to assist in its funding, I would be more grateful than you could imagine.
I want this to be something you’ll be happy to have supported. 

More information at www.andydunne.com/drew

Kind regards, Andy.



CD's for my funders

Hi all, well the album is complete and CD's are being manufactured as I write.

For those of you who opted for donation 2 or higher; I'm hoping to have them to you by March 18th '21 but to make sure I have my ducks in a row can I ask you to email your postal address to me please?

My email address is info@andydunne.com

I've sent out emails with codes for you to get your digital copy but if for whatever reason you didn't receive the email ( check junk or spam folders)  or if you had problems downloading the album, then please mention this in the email with your postal address.


I look forward to getting the CD to you all asap. 


Regards for now, Andy.

The end is in sight!

Hi all,

well?, we are almost there. Like everything else in the world, Covid put a halt to any chance at guys recording for a few months but I'm glad to say we are back on track.


Hope you are all safe and well and please make sure I have your email & mailing address.


Kind regards, Andy.

Email trouble

Hi again,

It seems the email system from Fundit is not exactly 100%

Some of you may have just received a blank email, others might have got half the message. My apologies, Andy. 

DREW update. Sept '19

Hi all. Just an update on how things are going...

The success of the DREW Fundit Campaign has not just made it financially possible for me to record a new collection of songs; through your support and belief, I've been given the push I've needed to give my own music the time , dedication and chances I've always wanted it to have.
Of course the planned process has changed a few times since the begining of production...

Check your email.

Hi all,

I've been quite with the posting but not with the progress. Work has truly begun and I'm really happy to be able to give it the time it needs. 

I wanted to ask you to please check your email accounts / spam folders as I emailed you all recently with details of how to receive your rewards. If for whatever reason you didn't receive the email, could please email info@andydunne.com and let us know.

For now , take care and again...

Thank you so much for making this possible.


Drew Update

Hi all


Hi all

Well here we go!!

Hi all

We made it.

I'm more excited then I've been for a long time. 

Work on DREW #project7016 will begin tomorrow!


Thank you, thank you , thank you.



This is crazy !

Hi all, just under 3 days to go and it's sooo close. In this "All or nothing" fundit campaign, this end stage is absolutely nerve wrecking. 

YOU have brought this so far and I can't thank you enough. Finger, toes and everything else crossed for a successful finish. 

Kind regards, Andy. 

Slowly does it??

New promo video just up. Please share and let's get this work done !!




Sunday update.

Hi all! Hope you're having a great weekend


As I write there's just under 2 week left to reach our target.

We are 56% of the way there !!! 

I want this now more than ever because of how much YOU, the people who've funded it so far have been driving me forward . Thank you so much.



"Living on a prayer !"


We are half way there. 

Thank you all so , so much. 

Eagerly awaiting the finish line , Andy. 


"Living on a prayer !"


We are half way there. 

Thank you all so , so much. 

Eagerly awaiting the finish line , Andy. 


"Living on a prayer !"


We are half way there. 

Thank you all so , so much. 

Eagerly awaiting the finish line , Andy. 


"Living on a prayer !"


We are half way there. 

Thank you all so , so much. 

Eagerly awaiting the finish line , Andy. 

The tension builds!

As I write we are almost half way there

Can I thank you all enough!

40% there! The excitement builds. 

A lot of people don't realise but if our target is not reached in the time allowed, then we receive zero funding


Woo hoo!

We're 20% there!

Thank you all again!

Tell your friends, share from Facebook! Ha ha

#drew #project7016 #ithastobedunne

I'm so grateful!

Hi all,

I can't believe that in only 3 days, we are almost 20% in to our target. 

Thank you all again so much. Fingers crossed we'll make it.

#drew #project7016 #ithastobedunne



What a wonderful start!

Thank you all so much. 

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