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DROP EVERYTHING is back. Round 2 taking place on Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, 23 – 25 May 2014.

Once again we’ve rounded up some of the most talented people we know from musicians to mixologists and have invited them all to a small island off the west coast of Ireland to show us what they’re made of.

And, once again, time, energy, skills and ideas are coming in free of charge because these heroes believe in the event.

And, once aaaaaagain we are asking the rest of you, that are into it, to chip in to make it happen.

We’re going to need at least €16,000 to cover the production costs, like renting venues, equipment (more really crazy expensive projectors), artist materials, transportation of everything, instrument hire and installation costs and and and and...

Drop Everything 2014 will feature creativity across the board, from an Inis Oírr inspired cocktail bar to island specific observatories from London’s art/science studio super/collider, an interview with Luke Franklin, the artist behind the incredible 4 Bothies project and a midnight audio visual performance from CLU to name but a few.
Full list of participants and collaborators will be announced in the coming weeks, follow our facebook and twitter for real time updates.

There’s restricted capacity to our venues so for our super generous funders you will get full access to the events. And for those of you whose wallets won’t stretch that far there’s still plenty of craic to be had and art to experience. So fund what you can. Every fiver counts.

Visitors to the island can expect talks, exhibitions, installations, screenings, DJ sets and impromptu happenings across the island. As well as communal dining, a curated boutique of editions and products created by collaborating artists, and ample opportunity to explore the wild beauty of this tiny and remarkable place.

2014’s participants are coming from New York, London, Berlin, Reykjavík and some of the best of our own Irish talent to talk, eat, drink and create. We hope you can join us too.

Inis Oírr. Just get there.


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