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Dublin Berlin

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My name is Robert Manson, a graduate of the National Film School IADT, Ireland and co-founder of Annville Films. I have directed films which have been screened all over the world. I've won several awards; most notably The Taylor Art Award (RDS / 2008), The Royal Television Society’s ‘Student Drama Award’ (Ireland /2009) and two awards at The Salento Finibus Terrae (Italy / 2009). I represented Ireland as an cultural ambassador when he travelled to Jordan for a screening of my film The Silver Bow at The Cutting Edge Irish Film Festival in 2009. Dublin Berlin is set to be my feature film debut.

Previous work:

The Silver Bow - https://vimeo.com/24560565
Rickshaw Rick - https://vimeo.com/24564668 - password - charlie


Dublin Berlin follows a young man, Oisín, who travels to Berlin with his band, buzzing with the potential of a tour and escape from his troubled family life. Oisín meets Sabine, a pretty young Berliner, who shows him the secret places that belong to the city. The band lose patience with him and move on. He decides to stay.

Oisín’s willful escapism is thrown into a tailspin when Sabine reveals that she has a boyfriend and must return to her real life. Things take an even darker turn when bad news from Ireland reaches him. He’s lonely, homesick and broke. His path becomes one of determined self destruction. It takes an act of great intervention to save him from the void.



Because it can't be made without you! Ireland is drowning in debt and the arts and film funding schemes have suffered terribly. We believe in this project. We want to make this beautiful story with this talented collection of artists who are all ready and rearing to go. We're asking you to donate as much as you can to do what Ireland can't at the moment - support its young artists and help them reach their full potential.

Because it's a worthy project. It's ambitious, it's collaborative, it's international. It's relevant, telling the story of a young musician looking outside of Ireland for answers; something that is happening on a daily basis in Dublin. It will be beautiful, exploring the urban colour of both cities.

Because our rewards are good! Have a look... (DVD to be ready in Jan 2013)

Because the Mayans could be right and we have to be quick or there'll be no film at all!


The money we raise on Fund it will provide 25% of our overall budget and will be added to the 10% that we have already raised. This sum will pay for the following:

- All the printing cost for the film (scripts + schedules etc)
- All the cast and crews accommodation for the shoot in Berlin
- The lighting equipment for the film
- It will feed us all for the shoot and pay for transportation to and in Berlin



Lost in the Living release


Good news! The film has succured a sales and distribution deal in Germany and will be release theatrically in Spring. The German company then plan VOD and DVD release shortly afterwards. So FINALLY the film can be released properly and with all of the above rewards to you all.

It has been a long hard road at times but this sales deal cements the film successes on global scale and provides the film a much wider audience to see it. I hope you all don't mind a little bit more of a wait. Trust me it will be worth it in the end.

In other news the film will be screening at the Mermaid Arts Centre on the 11th of December in Bray at 8pm. Come and enjoy the film with us in person on the big screen and we can all celebrate this distribution deal together!

All the best, 

Robert xx

Lost in the Living Screening

Hi Funders, It is with great pleasure I inform you that our film is now picking up speed at festivals around the world and being invited to numerous special screenings. It has been a long road but now we're seeing the benefits of all the hard work over the years. This coming Thursday on the 11th of February there will be a special Irish Focus screening of the film at the IFI in Dublin. Tickets are available to purchase here - http://www.ifi.ie/lost-in-the-living. Hopefully you can make it along to what promises to be an enjoyable evening. In the next two months I will begin sending out the long awaited rewards for your support. See you soon, Robert Manson Lost in the Living (@Dublin_Berlin)

World Premiere

Hi everyone, Good news! Our film will have it's world premiere at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival in a couple of weeks. More info to follow on facebook and twitter, so check in every now and again for updates! All the best, Robert

Screening reminder

Hi everyone, One last quick reminder that the film will be screening tomorrow morning in the lighthouse cinema at 11am sharp in screen number 3. Hope to see you all there. Best Robert


Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that we are having our screening this coming Saturday the 22nd of November at 11am in screen 3 at the Lighthouse cinema, Smithfield. Hope to see you all there. All the best Robert Manson

Film Premiere 22nd November @ 11am Lighthouse Cinema

Dear funders, After a bit of negotiations with festivals behind the scenes we have decided to delay the screening until November. Sincere apologies to anybody who has made or missed plans for the date this month - I hope you can appreciate how delicate the arrangements can be for a long project like this. So with that said we will now be holding the VIP Funders (that's you!), Cast and Crew screening of the film in Dublin on November the 22nd at 11am in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. We have rented screen 3 which has plenty of room, so friends and family are welcome. If you could RSVP with numbers to the email provided below that would be very helpful. For anyone who is unable to attend the event there will be some surprises sent you so that you don't miss out, along with the digital copy of the film and your fundit rewards. More details to follow but for now please save the date. Warm regards, Robert Manson robert@dublinberlin.com www.dublinberlin.com

Film Premiere

Dear funders, After many changes and edit's, I am pleased to announce that our film Dublin Berlin is now almost finished. We are in our the last and most important stages of our post-production - color grading, sound mixing etc. In the meantime, I would like to thank you once again for your patience and your support, we are planning a gala screening of the film in wicklow on the 20th of September. This will be a VIP Funders, Cast and Crew event with an after party in my parents house in Redcross. For anyone who is unable to attend the event there will be some surprises sent you so that you don't miss out, along with the digital copy of the film and your fundit rewards. More details to follow but for now please save the date. Warm regards, Robert Manson www.dublinberlin.com

Hello Funders,

I am very happy to announce that the film is now shot and in the can! Thank you all so much for supporting this ambitious project. We are now working as hard as we can to edit a few sample scenes for the Irish Film Board in the hopes that they will come on board and support us and the film as we get ready to submit to major film festivals around the world. Fingers crossed that this crazy journey may continue. I am planning a very special screening of the film followed by an after party for all the cast, crew and funders next June. So pencil it into your diaries. It would be great to see you all and thank you in person for making this project happen. All the best. Robert.

The Long, Hard Road to Berlin

Hello Funders of Dublin Berlin! It was almost a year ago when we ran the campaign looking for your support to make the film. You all gave so generously and your support and belief in what we are doing has earned a debt of gratitude that I hope we can now repay. You haven't heard a lot from us since so I thought now was a good time to let you in on what we've been up to over the last 12 months... The original shooting dates were last summer but - as is often the way - the dates had to be pushed back. That was hard on everyone, disappointing and frustrating, but we didn't lose faith and we didn't stop working. The months passed, a few of our cast and crew changed and a new date was set, August 2013. It has been an epic journey to get this far. Much longer and more challenging than any of us could have anticipated. But we are here. We're in Berlin. We have a production office and a crew composed of Irish and German film makers. We start shooting on Wednesday and I'm really excited and proud to be here. This is a film that has and continues to depended on the generosity of everyone around us, so we're making it for you. Thank you. To keep up with how it's going you can check out the shoot blog at www.dublinberlin.com

Dublin Berlin Update

Hello everyone, Once again thanks a million for your continued support in helping us reach our funding target. I know a few people's pledges didn't manage to transfer in the end due to bank complications but not to worry. We are now three weeks away from our shoot. We are currently working flat out trying to get all the logistical and scheduling elements in place before shipping off to Berlin at the end of the month. It is going smoothly so far (touch wood). Please bare with us with regards to the rewards and keep any eye on our website www.dublinberlin.com for our day to day blog during the shoot and for more updates over the coming weeks. Once again thanks for the support. Be sure to follow us on our twitter and Facebook. See links below. All the very best Robert Manson https://twitter.com/Dublin_Berlin https://www.facebook.com/dublinberlin

Facebook and Twitter links for Dublin Berlin

Hi Here are the links to our Facebook and Twitter pages for anyone who hasn't already joined up. Thanks again Robert Manson https://www.facebook.com/dublinberlin https://twitter.com/#!/Dublin_Berlin

90% with 5 days to go!

Hey everyone, Just a quick update. In the last couple of days our funding total has jumped considerably. We are now within sight of the finishing line. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you all for your continued support. I hope that you will all keep in touch with us after we have finished this campaign. You can check in on us during the shoot via facebook and twitter. Come and like our page on Facebook or joins us on Twitter (see links below) We will be keeping a daily blog during the shoot for anyone who is interested on our website www.dublinberlin.com. Should be an interesting read. In the meantime we have 5 days left and we are getting closer to the target by the minute. Our target is 5'000 but that doesn't mean to say that we must stop there. There is no limit to the amount that can be raised on this site the target is just a guide really. We have 5 days left so please if you can give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter or tell a friend about us. Thanks again guys & rewards to come soon. All the best Robert Manson

Dublin Berlin 60% funded

Hey everyone. First of all thanks a million for your contribution. Your generous pledge will go a long way towards getting this project made. We are currently six weeks away from shooting so we are all working really hard at minute to keep the shoot on track and to get everything organised. We fly out to Berlin at the end of July. We are currently at the 60% mark with this campaign. (Once again thanks a million) Our lucrative rewards will be sent out to you all in good time after we get the film in the can (and into Cannes) So please bare with us. We are at the crucial stages with this campaign the last 40% will be the hardest to raise. We'll keep plugging away at it here. Spread the word if you can guys and hopefully we'll make it over the line together. For more frequent updates on the film come and like out facebook page or follow us on twitter. Thanks again Robert Manson https://www.facebook.com/dublinberlin https://twitter.com/#!/Dublin_Berlin

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