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Dublin Dance Festival: Access all areas

By Dublin Dance Festival


This is our plan:

We want to provide an “access all areas” experience for as many Irish-based dancers and choreographers as possible in 2011. We’d like to guarantee that Irish-based artists performing in the Festival will get to see every show and participate in all workshops and master classes without concern for their budgets.

This is why we think it’s important:

Here at Dublin Dance Festival we understand that what you see and engage with as an artist can have a profound impact on your creativity. From the outset, we’ve been committed to providing professional development opportunities for Irish-based dance artists as part of our programme.

A small group of Irish-based dance artists performs as part of Dublin Dance Festival each year, whether as part of the main Festival programme, or as part of the Re-Presenting Ireland showcase. While the artists represent various stages of career development, they are all among Ireland’s leading lights in the dance world. Seeing the work of and taking classes with international peers, without having to travel abroad, is of huge benefit to choreographers and dancers developing and honing their craft.

Full immersion in the DDF programme would offer Irish-based dance artists a unique chance to see and interact with their international counterparts and further their own work.

The immediate benefits will be recorded by asking the supported artists to create a festival diary on the DDF blog. In this way, the artists involved will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences and give those who supported them a sense of the seeds that have been sown.

This is what it costs to provide an “access all areas” experience:

The value of this package is €350 per artist.
For this investment, one Irish-based Festival artist would have the chance to go to every festival performance and event and take part in all master classes and workshops, as well as spending time with international dancers and learning from guest teachers.

Who knows how deep the impacts of this might be? The value to the artist will be many times greater than that initial €350!

This is why we need your help:

We need your help to provide these packages because performance and workshop tickets don’t come for nothing! Making a contribution, big or small, will have a career-enhancing, creativity-boosting impact on some of the most talented choreographers and dancers working in Ireland today.

This is what we want to achieve in 2011:

More than 20 Irish-based artists will perform in DDF 2011. Our target is to offer an “access all areas” experience to 3 of them, costing €1,050. If you can help us raise even more than that, then more artists will benefit from this incredible opportunity.

A big THANK YOU, in advance, from all of us at DDF!



Just 7 hours to go - thanks for your help so far!

We've just 7 hours to go. We're thrilled to have got past our first target....and now we're super close to being able to provide a 4th Irish-based Festival artist with an "Access all areas" package for DDF 2011. Can you help us spread the link to our project far and wide for one last lash at it? As you now, the rewards are great -- and we're offering the chance to win tickets to José Navas' Personae to all those who pledge before the deadline. Thank you so much for your support - we really, really appreciate it. The DDF Team Ps. We'll announce the lucky Festival artists in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled to find out exactly whose career you've supported!

Just 5 days to go!

Thanks again to all of you who have pledged to help us get this far. We're 83% of the way to our target -- just another €174 will see us give an "Access all areas" package to 3 Irish-based Festival artists. Of course, the more money pledged, the more artists stand to benefit from "Access all areas". We still have some amazing rewards to give away and we really, really want to give them to good homes! Can you help us spread the word about Access all areas? Encourage your friends and family to pledge, share the project info on Facebook and Twitter -- remember, if we don't get to the target, we will lose all of your generous pledges! Many, many thanks again for your support! Can't wait to see you at DDF 2011, The DDF team

Two weeks done - two weeks to go!

Thanks so much to our wonderful Fund:it funders - it's because of you that we're now 71% funded! We've still got two weeks left to hit the target and sail past it - we're super optimistic in here! Can't wait to dish out the delightful rewards and we know that our Irish-based artists are waiting with baited breath to see if they will be lucky enough to get hold of an "Access all areas" package. Please do spread the good word about this project -- you'll be making a big difference to the professional development of some of Ireland's most talented choreographers and dancers. Thanks again, The DDF Team

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