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Dublin Live Art Festival 2013

By Dublin Live Art Festival


Hi, I’m Niamh Murphy and I am the festival director of the Dublin Live Art Festival 2013, which will take place from the 25th-29th September this year at The Backloft Dublin 8. My background is as a live performance artist and curator since 2006. My past curations include: 'Straylight' as part of Darklight Film Festival 2008/2009, 'Right Here Right Now', Kilmainham Gaol, November 2010, and last year I presented the first Dublin Live Art Festival (DLAF12) in November.

At DLAF12 visitors had the pleasure of experiencing four nights of live art and performance from some exceptional artists practicing in Ireland and abroad, as well as a series of artist talks, installations and workshops. Both seasoned visitors to live performance art events and people who were unsure exactly what live art is witnessed and experienced this exciting art form in many different ways.

Dublin Live Art Festival 2012 recognised and celebrated the huge surge in interest and production of live art in Ireland and programmed a dynamic series of events with Irish live performance artists and curators working alongside guests from overseas. We monopolised on the outstanding and thrilling work being created at home by working with groups such as LiveStock, UNIT 1 and Performance Art Network. DLAF12 was attended by over 600 people and presented the work of 40 artists over four evening exibitions, as well as our various workshops and audience based events.

This year we are doing all this and more! Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 (DLAF13) 25th-29th September will follow on from DLAF12's huge success last year and continue to cultivate homegrown and international artistic development and make live performance art more accessible to a wider audience.

This year DLAF13 will again bring together Irish & International groups pooling collective expertise and strengthening the live performance art community by creating links nationally and internationally as well as creating the possibility for new collaborations.

We aim to expand knowledge around live performance art through our workshops and cross-disciplinary talks and discussions and provide opportunities for peer to peer support, knowledge exchange and networking for artists, curators and academics through our seminar events.

Our venue costs have been covered by Dublin City Council, but with International artists and curators traveling from overseas we are still short of our target. The money raised in this Fund it campaign is essential for us to continue to present our varied programme of events and will go towards: promotion, press, administration, venue management, travel expenses including flights and transfers and our guests accommodation, per diems, programme design and printing.

We are very grateful to our existing, festival partners, Visual Artists Ireland, Dublin City Council, The Backloft and The Market Studios but we would really appreciate your funding to help us reach our goal of providing the best of contemporary live performance art at Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. Please give what you can, if you can and we’ll see you in September. Be inspired! Be there!

Niamh - Team DLAF



Amazing News!! We did it!!

Last night we finally reached our target thanks to the generousity and support of our 49 funders. I want to thank each one from the bottom of my heart, my friends and family as well as the people I don't know personally who all really rallied for this project. There are lots of names I recognise on the funders list and plenty I don't. To those lovely people who I don't know personally I would ask that when you come to Dublin Live art Festival 2013 next month please make yourself known to me and I will give you your bonus reward of a grateful hug! Your help and support during this whole process has been overwhelming and as I have said before this festival belongs to you. Each funder has helped enormously to make DLAF13 a reality. Your donation is not just improving this years DLAF13 but it is also an investment in live art into next year and hopefully for many years into the future. I am touched with the level of support from every funder, some may feel that their fiver didn't make a difference but let me assure you, every cent counts and is an investment in Irish cultural growth. Bless each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Now it's time to make sure that Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 rocks!! See you in a month- make sure and claim that hug!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Niamh xxx

Nearly there- Two days left!

It's so exciting here at Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 HQ as we watch the donations creep up over the €1000 mark! We are all so grateful to all our friends and family and every one of our wonderful generous funders. Each and every donation, big or small is bringing us closer to our target and we truly appreciate every cent. With a bigger and more ambitious programme for this years DLAF13 we are thrilled that the funds raised will enable us to bring quality live art to DLAF13 in September. Every funder is now a patron of Irish live art and should take pride in the knowledge they are helping this wonderful art form to grow and flourish here at home. The roots put down by DLAF will help live performance art to grow and spread internationally and inot the future. And you are responsible for that. Be proud. Niamh xxx

The clock is ticking! Three days to go

Three days to go on the DLAF13 and I am so delighted to see so many lovely funders get behind Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. Every single donation will make a difference and allow DLAF13 to support and nurture Irish live performance art at home, and through the connections made at our festival, further afield. Every cent raised will be an investment into the future of live performance art and Irish cultural wealth. I want to thank every funder and remind you again, that you are now a vital part of the Dublin Live Art Festival and responsible for us bringing the best in live art to Dublin next month. Don't forget to check out our full programme at dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie There really is something for everyone, from the Liz Aggiss movement workshop to our seminar series featuring Jonas Stampe, from Weeks and Whitford live art exhibition to the masterclass with Nigel Rolfe. From the cerebral to the physical, DLAF13 will investigate and explore the world of live art and present over a week to our wonderful audience. Be involved. Be excited. Be there. Niamh xxx

T minus four days and counting!!

So many lovely people have donated to our fund:it: we are slowly reaching our target! We still have more funds to raise and the time is ticking down to our deadline but I am confident it can be done. Had a few interesting meetings this week about DLAF13 events and am happy to say I will be releasing the seminar timetable next week. There is huge interest in the Liz Aggiss workshop that will take place on Friday the 27th. See dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie for all the details. There is a place up for grabs on the Liz's workshop as one of our fund:it: rewards- so there's another great reason to help support DLAF13. Thanks again to all our fabulous funders so far, you are all an integral part of DLAF13 and more important than you know. See y'al next month. Be interested. Be intrigued. Be there. xx Niamh x

5 Days left to hit our target!!

I have to say I have been so touched by the generousity of our funders these past few weeks. I never dreamed that so many lovely people I know (and some I don't) would give so much. We are still short of our final target but I am confident we will reach it in time. Unit 1 has announced their artists for their event at DLAF13. Michelle Browne, Brian Connolly and James King will perform off-site during the weekend of the festival. This is a very exciting first for us and we are delighted to be hosting this unique event for Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. Stay tuned for more detail and don't forget to check out dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie for all the details of our programme so far. Be excited. Be inspired. Be there. Niamh xx

Into the final week of our fund:it: campaign.. One small step for our festival....

So we have reached the final week of our campaign. So much has happened since we launched, We have confirmed international performers like, Bjorn Neukom and Liz Aggiss, homegrown talent like Michelle Browne, Áine Phillips and Alan Delmar and contributions by Jonas Stampe, Cliodhna Shaffery and a very special masterclass with Nigel Rolfe. All this and events by Unit 1 and Livestock alongside our international guest curators Weeks and Whitford. There's so much happening and more to be confirmed. All thinks to our supporters and donations from our fund:it: DLAF13 is a not for profit festival entirely staffed by volunteers and strives to bring the best in live performance art to Dublin this year and into the future. Please spread the word and help us reach or target in our last week. You can be safe in the knowledge you are building up the live art community here at home and our links internationally by supporting Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. Be inspired. Be involved. Be there.

More Exciting News!

It's all go here at Team DLAF13 HQ! Today we confirmed that Unit 1 will be faciltiating some very special artists who will perform off-site during Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. This will be the first time DLAF has had open air live art works and we are very excited about it! We will be releasing the names of the three artists who will take part in Unit 1 @DLAF13 tomorrow. Dublin Live Art Festival would be unable to bring you firsts like this without the support we are receiving through this fund:it: and it is important that every funder and supporter feels that they are a huge and integral part of DLAF13. We simply could not do this without you! Be thrilled. Be proud. Be there. Niamh xx

Really exciting news!

DLAF13 is delighted to release details about our Masterclass with Nigel Rolfe (in association with VAI) and our workshop with Liz Aggiss (In association with Fumbally Dance Studios) For more details on both check out dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie. It is very important that we have this educational element within the Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 so we can invest in the live performance artists of the future. And we couldn't do this without your support. Thanks so much. Be Involved. Be there. Niamh.

Last two weeks of DLAF13 fund:it: campaign

We are rapidly approaching the end of our fund:it: campaign and still have the majority of our target to reach. We are so delighted to be able to bring the artists Francis Fay, Eleanor Lawler, Darren Caffery, Fathers of Western Thought, Patricia Melo, Gearoid O'Dea, Alan Delmar and very special Swiss performance artist Bjorn Neukom (Der Pfeil) for LIVESTOCK's "Blender at the Back Loft" on Thursday the 26th Of September as part of DLAF13. Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 is proud to support both LIVESTOCK and in turn these exciting live performance artists to present their work. We really have the cream of the crop when it come to live performance art in this country and we are very excited to support them through Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. And our funders are a part of this support too. Be excited. Be there! Niamh x

Keep on keepin' on!

Just wanted to thank all our lovely funders and remind them that Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 belongs to you now. With your generous support you are not only ensuring DLAF13 continues to bring the best in Irish and International live performance art to Dublin in September but you are helping to forge links between our little island and further afield developing and nurturing our live art community into the future. Be Proud! Thanks so much. Niamh.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh!!

Thank you so so much to our lovely funders. We are well on the road to getting to our funding target. My heart has been warmed by people's generousity and support for DLAF13 and the Dublin Live Art Team. We are confirming new guest artists every week and can't wait for September and it's all thanks to your support and belief in our lovely live art festival. We salute you! Make sure and keep informed of our programme for 2013 by checking out dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie You are responsible for making this happen. Thanks again, Niamh. xxx

Thanks so much to our lovely funders!

Just over four weeks to go and I am so delighted and touched that we have received over 10% of our funding target, There's still a long way to go but it warms my heart to look over the names of the contributors so far and think they are helping an artist travel to the festival or supporting a workshop place. I am thrilled to be a part of this fund it and can't wait until September. Thanks so much, Niamh Team DLAF. xxx

Nearly at 10%!!

Thanks so much to all our lovely funders in our first week.I want to thank you all for helping Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 to bring some great artists and curators on board this year. Plans are really ramping up for DLAF13 with Liz Aggiss confirmed to facilitate a workshop as well as take part in our weekend seminar. It's so exciting! Thanks again for being a part of DLAF13! Be inspired! xx Niamh

One week in.....

So pleased with the feedback we have had to our fundit for The Dublin Live Art Festival 2013. We are still adding artists and curators for this years DLAF13 but are delighted to announce the amazing Liz Aggiss will be hosting a workshop and performing at this years festival. Thanks so much to our lovely funders so far, it's with your support we will strive to bring the best in live performance art to Dublin in September. Check out dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.com for more details. Be there! Niamh xxx

Be Excited!

We were so excited to have our fund-it launched today and so delighted to get our first generous donation! If you want to find out more about our Dublin Live Art Festival 2013 programme coming up this September be sure and check out our blog/site at dublinliveartfestival.blogspot.ie for all our festival updates. Be there!

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