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Dublin's Drag Tour

By Ellen O’Farrell


The Plan

In Dublin's History, we are missing a lot of gaps. There are a lot of groups who are not spoken about enough, one of which being the history of Dublin's wonderful LGBTQIA+ community and all they have contributed to Dublin's culture. We have designed a BYOB tour of Dublin's historical queer spots on a purpose-designed double-decker bus, which will drive our guests to these spots with drag performances between. A true celebration of the historical and modern importance of the community!

In this tour, we will touch on topics such as the Dublin Castle Gay Sex Scandle, Marriage Equality, and Famous Queer Icons, written by the talented Avoca Reaction.

We hope a plethora of customers will enjoy this experience, from those looking for an exciting new way to prink before a night out to those who simply want to learn about and honour Dublin's queer community.

We already have our pre-loved Dublin Bus, which we have plans to redecorate to be the perfect performance venue for a drag show like you've never seen before, where our guests can relax and enjoy the tour. The money (hopefully!) raised here will contribute to the redoing of the inside and outside of our theatre on wheels!

The design of our bus will focus on a modern performance interior upstairs and a vintage mini-museum below, for our customers to peruse at the beginning and end of our Dublin Drag Experience!

Our Company

Here at Hidden Dublin, we entertain and educate about the history of Dublin through walking tours, bus tours, stories, jokes, music, and the occasional jump scare! We're looking to expand our shows and experiences to be as diverse and inclusive as possible whilst retaining and sharing our love of history and culture with fellow Dubs and tourists alike.

Like everyone in the events and entertainment industry, Covid-19 and the lockdown hugely affected our small business, meaning we are currently looking for funding to start our next project to take Dublin by storm!

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our exciting project. Here at Hidden Dublin, we really believe in retaining our gorgeous culture and history, whilst giving voices to those who may not have been in our history textbooks or celebrated like they should have been.