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Dublin's Urban Rooftop Farm

By Urban Farm


The idea is to convert a negative space into one that creates benefit for the community

Urban Farm has secured workshops & 400sqm's of rooftop space in Dublin city centre where we are researching and demonstrating intensive urban growing techniques. We have begun building facilities to host events & community groups and provide hands-on workshops that teach responsible food production, carpentry, energy-saving systems, ecological cycles, and community self-sufficiency observing organic & pesticide free practices. We go beyond the normal timber yards and builders suppliers, all materials used are salvaged from waste, diverted from landfill, de-constructed & up-cycled on site.We compost on the rooftop with the help of City Composting Ltd, a new start-up company helping to lower the volume of city waste.

This is an Open Space

After securing our space we are now in need of Funds to build out the infrastructure that will allow us to research & demonstrate intensive urban growing techniques.

All we need is materials, a lot of materials , we up-cycle & re-cycle & cycle our bikes everywhere, we are generally building this farm with up-cycled materials but we still need to purchase supplies, nails, seeds, soil, pumps, timbers, trees, tools, bees, quail, fish, paint, teabags, more nails, more tools, the man with the van needs paying too and more hens and of course we can't make everything so we will out-source materials and parts from time to time, but only when we can't beg, borrow or find them ourselves

Your support will help towards these costs :

Organic seed, fruit trees & berry bushes
Workshop tools to build and train
Soil and potting mixes
Construction of grow boxes + cold frames
Construction of vertical grow walls
Basic gardening tools
Fencing wind protection
Aquaponic system for fresh fish & micro greens
Bees, hives & equipment
Quail coop construction & equipment
Growing, harvesting & distribution of C.S.A. produce
Research, design & developing best practices
Outdoor space for residents, volunteers, community
Creating a bio-diversity space in the city centre
Composting waste from city cafes to grow food back for the community

Urban Farm Community Supported Agriculture Scheme

Weekly June until November 2013, the farm will deliver produce to your Dublin city centre location by cargo bike or collected directly from the farm.
Shares include 7-10 types of salad produce, enough for 2 people for a week.

Membership is open to anyone

Members contribute financial and/or physical support to the farm and in return, receive the following privileges.

Weekly: pickup/delivery at the farm, featuring a choice selection of seasonal farm produce.
Access: to local fresh sustainably produced food.
Pick-your-own options: berries, cherry tomatoes, flowers, herbs and seasonal surplus items.
Member: picnics, workshops, regular newsletters and recipes.

Urban Farm has to date been a participator funded project and currently receives no other funding or financial assistance from any governmental or private source. We now need funds, you need food, we need seed, let's work together & build a healthy city farm for all to enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and for supporting Urban Farm.