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An Album by Eamon Dwyer

By Eamon Dwyer


Eamon Dwyer from Cork here. I am a piano player, guitarist and singer who likes penning the odd lyric and composing the occasional ditty. Over the years I've meandered through various addictions - to the likes of Paul Simon, R.E.M., Crowded House and Counting Crows. In recent years I've loved some of the music from Irish artists such as Ger Wolfe and John Spillane. Confused or intrigued? Read on!

This project is all about helping me deliver a set of songs that I really enjoy, to you, an audience of friends and soon to be friends. I've written them over the past few years and was spurred into creating this first album late last year. The passing of a good friend of mine in his early 30s was a catalyst. Not only did it get my creative juices flowing in that I penned a song about him, but it also told me to seize the day. So day, consider yourself seized.

Production is now under way. We started in early July and will continue on into October. My album will be recorded in The Maple Rooms studio in Cork and mastered at Abbey Road for that sprinkling of sugar. Exciting times indeed.

I have played and composed music with my siblings over the years, so this album will be a credit to their influences. They will perform here and there on the album, along with some other great musicians from Cork.

This fund:it campaign will be vital in the success of the project. Your contributions will pay for the costs of recording, mixing and mastering, as well as the physical production of the finished CDs and vinyl copies.

As I say in one of my songs - close your eyes, make a wish and let it happen. It's certainly happening right now!

Thanks in advance to all of you good people for supporting my artistic endeavour. I look forward to chatting with you soon.



Nearly there!

Hi All So, the mixing took a lot longer than I thought it would! At times it reminded me of the scene from Father Ted, when they went to fix the tiny dent in the car by giving it a little tap with a hammer. Cut to the next scene and the car is completely wrecked, as each little tap caused a little extra dent! However, after a 14 hour day of mixing during this past week, we are now pretty much there! I hope to send the files to Abbey Road for mastering in early Jan, so we should certainly have something resembling the finished article in February some time. It hasn't been all tedium either though! Last week I had a mini crisis of confidence with one song and ended up completely re-recording it - and am delighted with it now. Have a great Christmas, and I'll be in touch soon. Eamon

Where we're at!

Hi Everyone Just a quick update on the album....which is going to be called "That Wrinkled Shirt"... a nice story behind that for the next time I meet you. As of the week before last, I am pretty much finished in the studio! The songs have been sung, the keys have been played and the various musicians have been and gone. It's now at mixing stage with Cormac, my engineer and there'll be some over and back via the web for the coming weeks. Once I'm happy with the 11 songs (10 originals and 1 cover), they will be sent for mastering in Abbey Road. Are we on track for the Christmas rush? Not so sure about that at this stage - perhaps any planned presents will have to be given with Easter eggs! Better to have it right than rushed, so we'll see. Thanks again for everyone's help, and I will keep you all posted over the coming month or two. Have a good weekend Eamon

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