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Eating Scenery: The Killarney Story

By Elizabeth Grant



Eating Scenery is more than a documentary.  It is a film for anyone whose identity is linked to a place they call home.


This will be the story of the Killarney people, their passion and love for one of the true wonders of Ireland.  An inspiration for musicians, artists and writers. A place that played an important role in Ireland's history.  We intend to celebrate the Park but we also want to highlight the challenges National Parks face in Ireland. You will experience daily life through the park rangers, the hospitality industry, the visitors and the residents who have seen the changes over the years. With your help to meet our Fund it target we shall be filming in September, interviewing Killarney people, local groups alongside national organisations such as An Taisce & Irish Wildlife Trust who are supportive of the film.


The Crew

We have a highly organised, experienced and resourceful team who have worked together on several successful projects before.  Our Director, Benjamin Scarsbrook BA (Honours) Practical and Theoretical Film - has directed several short fiction and documentary films which received worldwide acclaim & award nominations. He recently edited a feature length documentary set for international cinematic release.  Matthew Rowley is a camera operator, filmmaker and cinematographer. Documentary making is Matthew's passion.  Matthew Williams - Audio Engineering graduate: The Academy of Contemporary Music - Freelance recording/resident engineer Soundlab Studios, London. Previous clients include: Darcey Bussell (Strictly Come Dancing), Drip Media (S4C, Channel 4), Employed To Serve (Kerrang! Album of the Year 2017), Bad Sign (Basick Records) & Blatella Films. Elizabeth Grant highly creative artist with exhibition, community project experience.

The nitty gritty stuff!

Budget includes contingencies:

1) Production - 7 days filming in 4K; equipment hire; Sound Engineer & mixing; Drone/Operator 1 day; production expenses i.e. travel, insurance & fees = €9530.

2) Post Production - Director fee; film score; editing to produce 1 x 70 mins & 1 x 10 mins documentary; voiceover fee; 300 DVDs cased & wrapped = €6300.

 3) Translate 4 languages (Gaelic, French, German & Spanish), Entry fees Film Festivals worldwide & associated costs = €2670+.

Journey so far

The goodwill we have received from Killarney and the diaspora in UK and USA has been heartwarming and encouraging. Crowdfunding is an excellent means to engage with potential audiences for when the film is ready to be released.  We want our supporters to feel this film belongs to them as much as to us the creators. We are speaking with potential sponsors for the Killarney World Premiere and London Screening.  We will keep you updated with our progress towards hitting the target and we hope you like the wide range of Rewards we are offering too?

We are incredibly grateful to all those who have supported us so far and who believe in this project as much as we do. We know this film will make a difference. Let's get it made! Please also visit our website for more information: www.eatingscenery.com






Irish Environment Hits the Headlines

Dear Supporters,  In the last week or two there has been a great deal of coverage in the Irish press about issues affecting the Irish environment.  Firstly, the Irish Parliament has passed the Heritage Bill.  It was greeted with dismay by Birdwatch Ireland. The passing of the legislation expands the period during the year allowing for the burning of vegetation and the destruction of hedgerows signals a weakening of the laws protecting bees, birds and other animals. Secondly, the Irish government has put in a €257m bid to protect the National Parks. The Irish Examiner published an excellent article.  Although this may sound good, sadly, it is not because several important factors are not covered by it which will essentially undermine the expenditure.  It is apparent that organisations such as An Taisce, Irish Wildlife Trust and Birdwatch Ireland have not been listened to.  More than ever the voices of those who really understand the challenges and know what should be done need to be heard.  Our documentary will do that.  Please continue to spread the word and encourage folks to sign up to the Rewards.  Be in touch again soon - thank you all. 


So excited that we now have two Executive Producers on board - they are going to love their time in Killarney!  

We have been speaking with the Irish American Diaspora and stirring up quite a bit of interest due to the amount of US citizens who travel to Ireland every year to visit 'home' to catch up with friends, family or just trace their heritage.

Elizabeth, the Producer has kept up her research into the environmental issues and has spoken with some great folks who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about the National Parks of Ireland.  This is a critical time and more than ever the challenges need to be addressed. The documentary 'Eating Scenery' will do that without doubt.

More news to follow soon.  Spread the word folks!

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