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Echo Hunt

By Echo Echo Dance


Thank you for checking out our Fund it campaign - we hope you can help to make ECHO HUNT happen!

Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement will present the premiere of Oona Doherty’s ECHO HUNT as part of DOCNITE, a full evening of her work on 5th and 6th November 2015 (that will include other works LADY MAGMA, HOPE HUNT and NOW SHAKE OUT).

ECHO HUNT is a collaboration between Choreographer Oona Doherty; Film Artist Michael Barwise; and Dance/Movement Artists Janie Doherty, Kelly Quigley and Zoe Ramsey of Echo Echo Ensemble.

A modern northern Greek Chorus. Inspired by the works of Francis Bacon's Triptych and Samuel Beckett's Not I and Man Ray.

The audience is transported in to the dark of noise. Of the deep velvety black of the subconscious, where the nervous system shouts out.

To bring ECHO HUNT to life as part of DOCNITE we need some additional funding to cover modest Performers and Collaborators Fees.

With your help we can bring this beautiful beast from the depths of the imagination into reality!

About Oona Doherty

Oona Doherty Bio: I trained at The Place LCDS, University of Ulster, and Laban. Masters in dance studies. I have been performing, creating and teaching workshops internationally since 2010. I have toured Canada, Jordan, Norway and extensively in Europe.

International awards: LA Hollywood Dances with Film Awards 2014- Lafanetsia- Veronika Riz; Cine Danse 2011 Best Film – For Tracy- TRASH; Edinburgh Fringe Total Theatre Award 2013 – Tourniquet- Abattoir Ferme; PicknMix Audience Prize 2009 - Bum,Bodies and Boyfriends- Ponydance

2015 Collaborations include : TRASH Dance Performance Group N.L, Emma Martin Dance IE, Catherine Young Dance IE, Shane O'Reilly Rough Magic IE, Dead Centre Theatre Company IE.

Currently Touring Choreographies include : Lady Magma Echoecho Studios, Shake Out Ravnesdans Norway, NOW Re-presenting Ireland Dublin Dance Festival 2015, Hope Hunt Dublin Tiger Fringe 2015, 'Hard to be Soft' Firkin Crane Cork.

About Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company is recognised as one the leading dance companies in Ireland and established since 1991. The company regularly produces and tours, nationally and internationally, with original new performance work for an ensemble of locally-based dance and movement artists.

The company curates Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, the only annual international dance festival in Northern Ireland. The third edition of the Festival is confirmed to take place in November 2015. Past Festivals have included dance and movement work from Ireland, UK, Greece, Austria, Germany, Canada, Moldova, Italy, USA and Russia.

An important element of Echo Echo Festival is the local artist commissioning strand that gives a platform for locally based dance artists to create and perform new work. We invite Oona based on the quality of her work with Echo Echo before, the potential of this collaboration for Festival 2015 and genuine potential for international touring.

Any contribution, no matter how large or small, would be greatly appreciated to make this project happen. Thanks for your support!



ECHO HUNT update - printed 'thank yous' and photos from premiere

Dear Fundit supporter The premiere of ECHO HUNT took place last Thursday in Derry as part of Oona Doherty's DOCNITE at the opening night of Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement. Thanks to everyone who supported the project and helped to make it happen! See page 19 of Festival Brochure for full list of ECHO HUNT thanks: http://echoechodance.com/uploads/file/FestivalBrochure2015issuu5.pdf Other rewards will be fulfilled in the coming weeks. There is a photo album with images and audience feedback comments from the DOCNITE premiere over on our Facebook page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1007696572634964.1073741851.172049746199655&type=3 Be sure to check out some of the remaining performances and events of the Echo Echo Festival in Derry, and look out for news of ECHO HUNT touring in 2016. Thanks again and big hugs EEDTC

Rehearsals for Echo Hunt have begun!

Oona Doherty arrived at Echo Echo studios a week ago and since then intensive rehearsals with Kelly, Janie and Zoe for Echo Hunt have been underway! They still have another week to go, but the girls have reported that they feel it is shaping up to be "a really special piece" Make sure you remember to book a ticket to see Oona's evening of work (DOCNITE) on Thursday 5th or Friday 6th November at 8pm. The Festival brochures are also now available! All Echo Hunt supporters have been listed inside. - You can download a copy with this link, or please drop into our office to pick your own copy up. http://echoechodance.com/images/uploads/File/FestivalBrochure2015issuu5.pdf We think you will agree, its going to be another exciting festival We will see you soon!

Steve Batts makes an appeal for Echo Hunt

Dear friend of Echo Echo, I am writing to ask you to consider supporting our fundraising campaign through which we are trying to raise enough money to create a new work for our annual international festival of dance and movement in November. The new work will be made by Oona Doherty, a young Northern Irish Choreographer who has shown work at our last two festivals and who has an ongoing collaborative relationship with Echo Echo. Over the past two years her unique, brave and challenging artistic voice has begun to be recognised and she has presented shorter works in several festivals abroad. We have asked Oona to present her first full evening of work in the festival. She wants part of the programme to be a 20 minute trio, called ECHO HUNT, made with three Echo Echo ensemble members: Janie Doherty, Zoe Ramsey and Kelly Quigley. Finding resources for making new work is one of the most challenging things to do. In general there are a lot more resources for projects that emphasise community development, education and inclusion than there are for actually making new work which interests and inspires. We are asking people who have found interest and pleasure in our work, or in the exceptional work of visiting artists that we have presented in previous festivals to make a contribution. If you value the way we try, in Echo Echo, to maintain high artistic quality, high expectations and integrity in our work alongside a friendly and inclusive approach perhaps you would consider making a donation. The link below will take you to the fundraising website. All the details of the project are there. The minimum contribution that the site accepts is £5. Please don’t underestimate the importance of small donations. Apart from anything else the feeling that we are treasured by lots of people keeps us going! A big thank-you to everyone who has already donated. With best wishes, Steve Batts Please paste link below for further information goo.gl/ngVcK5

Why Janie Doherty is excited about the prospect of working with Oona Doherty

"There are lots of reasons why I’d want to work with Oona Doherty, or just be around her for that matter. It’s difficult to write a paragraph, for display... for eyes of those who potentially don’t know Oona. She is one of the most eccentric, captivating and interesting performers I have ever seen. Her on stage presence commands attention and we are enthralled, transported into her world. I have known Oona since 2008, but it's more recently that she is beginning to choreograph her own work- instead of always dancing for other choreographers. This, I am very happy about. Her style is unique, the themes that inspire her work, the artwork that goes alongside and all the hours she spends thinking, talking and trying out movement in the studio. For myself and my two colleagues Zoe and Kelly, to make a piece of work with her would be positively inspiring, and it would also be a great addition to Echo Echo’s festival of Dance & Movement 2015." Please help make this happen by contributing to our Fund:It campaign. We are over half way, but still have to raise another £1000 in 8 days! Please paste and copy link below to see full FB post: http://fundit.ie/project/echo-hunt

Echo Echo Ensemble Artist Kelly Quigley tells us why she wants Echo Hunt to happen

Echo Echo Ensemble member Kelly Quigley tells us why she would like to work with Oona Doherty: "I have known Oona for many years and have always admired her work. I have been fortunate to work with her on a few occasions and felt it has enriched my own artistic practice deeply. It has been an aspiration of mine to work with her on a performance project. To have her direct a dance performance piece that I can perform in would not only enhance my career as a dance artist, but it would be an opportunity for me to fulfill one of the many desires I have as a dancer." Please help us make this a reality for Kelly by supporting our Fund:It Campaign to commission Oona to make Echo Hunt! goo.gl/kpRtnh

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