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'Eight Women', a play by Robert Thomas

By Jan Schneider


Gaby, the wife and mother, her two daughters Susan and Catherine. Their aunt Augustine and their grandmother Mamy. The sister-in-law Pierrette and the two house maids Chanel and Louise. As the eight women gather together over Christmas, they find Marcel, the only man in the house, dead. With a knife in his back he's found in his bedroom. Why was he murdered? How did the killer get in? And most importantly, is the killer still in the house?
Apart from trying to find the culprit, the women find out much more, probably more than they like. This is not only a crime investigation, this is also a story about family, dependency, unfulfilled desires and the search for acceptance and forgiveness.

'Eight Women' is play by French playwright Robert Thomas and since it's publication in the late 50's has become one of the most popular plays in the French language.

In this new and challenging adaptation, all eight female characters will be played by men. It's a daring exploration of how stereotypes, gender relationships and statuses still determine our supposedly liberal thinking. No man can pretend to be a woman, so that's not what we are trying to do. We are confronting our perception and call upon our own judgement of gender labels.
The questions is, how is the real wrongdoer, the bereaved or the deceased?

This project is not only close to my own heart, but also involves already many other people, working hard in order to get this play on the road.

For the last 10 months Lili Heller and Isablle Maréchal have been translating the play from French into English. No published English version of the play exists, this translation has been done only for us.
Producer Mitzi D'Alton, has been busy organising rehearsal space, liaising with actors and recruiting designers and stage managers.
Set designer Helena Tobin and costume designer Jenny Nolan have been letting their creative juices flow to design a stunning set and wonderful costumes.
Chris O'Sullivan, our musical director, has arranged 8 contemporary songs, that will be sung live by actors to enhance the overall theatrical experience and the depth of each character.
8 Actors have been auditioning, workshopping and discussing the play.

We need €2,000 to

Pay everyone involved a fee, we can't afford a salary, but we want to ensure everybody get something.
Pay for Insurance, safety first, we don't want to put anybody's health in jeopardy.
Pay for the venue hire, without a theatre there won't be a play.

If you can support us please do. Anything is much appreciated.

'Eight Women' will be on in Smock Alley Boys School from the 27-30 May.

Cast Includes: Emmet Byrne, David Grant, Aidan Jordan, James McNulty, Aidan O'Rourke
Lighting Designer: Caoimhe Ní Fhaoláin



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