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Elavator - Debut Album - Moral Panic!

By Elavator


We are a Dublin three-piece rock band named Elavator. Our sound has been defined as a ‘retro synthesis of 60s blues rock and 90s Britpop, with a healthy dose of modish tendencies’. We have been composing, performing and recording for over 6 years and feel now is the right time to record our debut album. The band consists of Greg Clifford- vocals, guitar and chief song writer, Keith Mahon- bass and Anthony Burke- drums.

Our main influences are The Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Stones Roses, Ocean Colour Scene and Primal Scream. We also call on aspects of Krautrock, Electro-acoustic sounds and Classical music, through the use of string quartets and chamber orchestra arrangements in our somewhat fusion based sound.

The spelling of Elavator often comes into question, as we spell it incorrectly on purpose. Graphically, we feel that ‘ELAVATOR’ looks stronger than its correct spelling. There is no deep meaning to the name, as it is merely an identity. Greg Clifford is also a keen admirer of the psychedelic, garage band The 13th Floor Elevators and admits that naming the band Elavator is a loose tribute to them and front man Roky Erickson.

Here's what some people are saying about us.
A catchy and edgy rock band with a great bluesy vibe (Heather MacLeod – Dublin City FM)
Elavator are a band with strong musicality that builds upon the foundations of great song-writing (NDT Productions)

Our Aim:
With your kind help, our aim is to help finish recording our debut album ‘Moral Panic’. We have a concept and a sound we wish to actualise, but being unsigned artists, playing original music at poorly paid gigs, our dream is being stifled financially. The money raised will be used to pay for the recording space and the Engineers/Producers and the CD printing. If you donate there are a number of great incentives that you can avail of. We want to make music that touches and inspires people, be a part of this experience.

Why call the album Moral Panic?
Our lyrics are inspired by different forms of life, based on experience and observation. A major recurring theme is the one of uncertainty, brought on by the actions and abuse of power by governing authorities. These authorities can influence/control our media outlets, and it is the media that creates these moral panics that surround us.

The term ‘Moral Panic’ was first coined by Stanley Cohen, in relation to the UK media and social reaction to the fights between Mods and Rockers in the 60s. Cohen suggests that the media overreact to a certain aspect of behaviour that may be seen as a threat/challenge to existing ‘norms’. They possess the power to manipulate, distort and exaggerate the truths, branding those involved as heretics.

Thanks for spending the time reading our proposal from all of us in Elavator.

Keith Mahon, Greg Clifford, Anto Burke.



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