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Embrace the World



Singer-songwriter, Kevin Walsh was diagnosed with Autism at age 5. After years of childhood struggles, and further challenges after leaving special school to attend mainstream school, his Mum fought for him to attend Cork School of Music, because his gift for music was undeniable, despite not having the required leaving cert. He achieved top of his class for 3 years running and graduated with honours. Kevin will assemble a supergroup to record and release a single in benefit of AsIAm (Ireland’s Leading Autism Charity) with 50% of all income and royalties going to the charity and 50% to Kevin. The purpose of this campaign is to help in some small part to cover the costs of recording, production and distribution. Every euro up to (and hopefully beyond) the goal will allow Kevin the security to pursue the best debut single possible, and support a well deserved professional career.


This project is the opportunity for Kevin to be heard, with patience, inclusion and acceptance, as a professional musician. The money will be spent on Studio Time; Hiring and paying expenses for Artists to sing on the track; Mixing and Mastering; Artwork; Distribution; Music video, promotional videos; A website; Music PR, Project Management, and generally supporting artists and an arts industry that has recently been hit so hard.

RSVP's Yvonne Coughlan is the project manager, and with the talented band, vocalists and RSVP team, is excited for you to experience Kevin's music, raise awareness about autism, and raise charitable funds. This honours graduate has been left outside of the network he belongs within; you are supporting a musician to bridge the gap that Autism has caused in his music career. Autism makes Kevin different due to genetics, but his career has been disabled due to society. RSVP believes that people want to understand. We support Kevin in creating this opportunity to build his tribe.

This project means the world to Kevin, and his Mum says this is the first time they have felt such hope in ages. We are all connected. We all want to belong. There will be challenges, but Kevin has overcome many to get to this stage.

This crowdfunding campaign helps fund the single, Embrace the World, and supports Kevin to reach out for inclusion and understanding. Kevin is reaching out to the professional music world, using all of his limited savings to achieve this dream production of a super-group single to launch his career, and forge industry connections for success in music. Sponsors are being approached, as we accelerate this project. Companies and Organisations are welcome to contact us directly, if you have additional support to offer.

We can't wait to introduce you to the whole team, especially our 12 magnificent vocalists, one of whom is our Social Media Manager Lisa Curran! Thank you for supporting us, it really means the world, and we are so delighted that you are taking the time to support and connect with As I Am and composer Kevin Walsh. It starts with you...