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Emma Langford's Debut EP & Music Video

By Emma Langford


~~Who's Emma Langford?~~

Limerick city born and bred, I'm a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and essentially a musical Frankenstein's monster with combined hints of jazz, folk, soul and blues in my original songs.

Insightful, introspective, and at times witty, my lyrics along with my typically cheerful on-stage demeanour give my music a relatable feel, and have contributed to my still-growing following both at home and internationally.

Since first appearing on Limerick's music scene in 2013 I've been gigging extensively, and massively enjoyed playing support slots for internationally recognised artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Hermitage Green, Sam Amidon, Max Jury, Ben Caplan and John Smith, to name but a few.

My musical and lyrical style is a result of my studies in music at the University of Limerick, travels in South America and in the US, and my own life experiences and musings throughout. I'm most often compared to Norah Jones, Nick Drake, Wallis Bird, Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy - a mixed bag!

~~~So now what?~~~

So! After three years of gigging and dabbling in this wild world of music, My much awaited EP will hopefully be released in May of this year, just in time to kick-off a country-wide tour! (Yay!)

Right now I'm fine-tuning the musical details with a producer/engineer in West Cork, with visual artists in Limerick and Donegal, and with a filmmaker in Dublin!

I'm going in to studio in West Cork this month, and hope to have everything pressed, packaged and ready to send out to you gorgeous funders as soon as possible!

This debut EP will showcase my diverse range both vocally and stylistically, with songs dipping in to genres of jazz, blues, and folk.
I'll be working with musicians, artists and engineers from all over the country to produce something really special in the form of my eponymous EP, as well as a music video to accompany one of the six featured tracks.

The EP, to be arranged and engineered in beautiful West Cork, will feature double bass, flute, percussion and violin, so - as you can possibly tell - it will hint at an Irish traditional feel, but over-all will be a smooth blend of blues and folk.

It's all very exciting, and expensive.

~~~Why am I looking for your help? Where will the money go?~~~

Good question!
I'd love so much to be able to afford to do this all on my own, but unfortunately original music isn't a big payer in this country.

The money you kind souls contribute will go toward engineering & musician costs, printing & production, CD artwork, mastering, the costs of having a music video created... it's pricy business, but it'll all be worth it in the end. I'm keeping costs as low as possible, while still aiming to end up with a high quality (and seriously lovely) product for everyone to enjoy.

Supporting this EP, you're supporting Irish musicians and artists who otherwise couldn't do what we do, so thank you!

Come say hi!




Postal Address!

Hi friends, I'm packing up your copies of the EP for postage this week! If you haven't yet, please send your postal address to emmakateekstar@gmail.com - if you have you can disregard this message :) Thank you! Emma

It's tonight!

AAAAH! *ahem* sorry. What I meant to say was: the EP launch is tonight in Dolans! Door time is 9pm, with support from local man Nile St James Tickets are €10 (or free to some funders) and are available here: http://www.dolans.ie/gigs-events-live-music-listings/2016/6/18/emma-langford-ep-launch If you can't make it tonight, you'll be able to get both digital and physical copies of my EP on bandcamp as of this evening: https://emmalangfordmusic.bandcamp.com/ Otherwise, I'll be sending copies of the EP out to my funders over the next few weeks, so if your funds went through just make sure you sent me a current postal address to emmakateekstar@gmail.com Thank you all so much for your patience and your support! TONS of love, Emma

Are you coming to my EP launch?

Thank you for being such a legend and helping to make this dream a reality! The EP is gone to print, and will be landing on my doorstep on June 18th - my nails are bit down to the quick waiting for it! If you've opted for your copy of the EP to be sent to you, please be sure that you've e-mailed me the best postal address to send it to - OR - If you think you'll make it to my EP launch why not drop me an e-mail at emmakateekstar@gmail.com and let me know so I can be sure to be at the merch table to give you your copy of EP in person? Tickets for the EP launch are on sale from http://www.dolans.ie/gigs-events-live-music-listings/2016/6/18/emma-langford-ep-launch Support on the night is from Nile St James :) Can't wait to see you there! Emma facebook.com/emmalangfordmusic

Rewards & EP postage

Hey! Just a quick update. I'm still waiting on responses from a few of you lovely funders so be sure to mail me at emmakateekstar@gmail.com if you haven't already! I had to re record vocals on one last track last week, so the music is in the final stages now and I'm hoping to go to print next week! That means I'll be sending copies out in mid-June hopefully :) YAY! Hope to see you all at the EP launch on June 18 in Dolans, Limerick! Emma

Have you written back?

Hello everyone - if you haven't already, please e-mail me at emmakateekstar@gmail.com to avail of your lovely rewards :) If you didn't receive an e-mail with instructions from the above e-mail address already, your payment may not have gone through! Sad times. Ah well! I hit my target anyways, so no worries! Emma

A little progress update.

Hello! This is just a very quick progress update, and yet another thank you for everything. Fundit have now sent me the list of successful funders, and I'm working away on rewards for you guys! If you haven't already, please e-mail me back with your details so I can send you your reward! The artwork is finished, the tracks are in progress, and the tour is going really really great - I can't wait for the official launch on June 18th in Dolans! I hope to see you all there Thank you again for being AMAZING! Tons of love Emma facebook.com/emmalangfordmusic

It all ends tomorrow.

The campaign I mean. Not the world. Everyone relax! Thank you for your support - I can't wait to find out where you live and send things there! Stay tuned to the oul facebook page for updates on the EP's progress. It's all looking fecking gorgeous so far :) Emma


*your (My deepest apologies to anyone else out there who, like me, is deeply offended by the misuse of your/you're. I can't edit campaign updates!)

And now, the end is near...

And so we face the final curtain! With 4 days to go to the deadline, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for being such absolute legends. You're amazing! With you're help I'll be able to produce new promotional photos, a beautiful small collection of my songs, gorgeous EP artwork, and a music video. Everyone involved will be paid, and hopefully I'll be able to reach out to radio stations and festivals and get a little more coverage... So exciting times ahead! There's still a little time left, so if you feel you'd like to share the campaign one last time so that people can still be involved and pre-order their copy of the EP, that'd be amazing! You've done so much already though, so thank you again. Emma x


We hit the target, and with 19 days atill in the campaign too! I am so amazed by everyone's generosity, and can not wait to share this EP with you all :) I just got home from west cork where I recorded my vocals, and Peter laid down his bass tracks, it all sounds so amazing, I'm beyond excited!

Progress Report! (And some sneaky new details)

Dear wonderful people, This week I did a photo shoot with the very talented Emily Gale (see my Facebook page for a sneak peek), so I'll have some great new photos to advertise the official EP launch which will be taking place in June... Ooh, there's one new detail ya didn't have before. More to come on that! Tomorrow I travel to West Cork with my Peter Hanagan to lay down some vocals and bass! All this is only happening because of your support. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu! Emma X

Fundit's 8% Charge

Fundit take 8% of the final amount raised to cover their website and staff costs - a reasonable cost really! They were so helpful when I was establishing the project :) But basically what that means is that if I hit €3k there'll be €240 of that gone, so realistically I need to try to and raise over that. All your help so far has been amazing! From here any shares of the campaign will help so much :) Here's a link to a facebook event, feel free to invite your friends, let's do this! https://www.facebook.com/events/945197438934267/

Look Where We Are!

Wow, nearly two thirds of the way to target and with tons of time to go! Let's keep the energy and momentum going now so I crowd-fund enough to print a bazillion CD's, rather than just 200 of them. You're all amazing, and anything I achieve from here on is thanks to you... That's all I wanted to say really! Stay classy, you guys. Emma x

Thank you!

A huge thank you to both my funders and the people I'm working with. Everyone's very excited about how this is all going to turn out - myself included! For those of you not following the Facebook event page where I'm sharing details of collaborators, the artists I'm working with on the CD artwork include Finn Harper and Jacob Stack - go check them out on Facebook, they're fantastically talented. https://www.facebook.com/jacobstackart/ https://www.facebook.com/finnharperartwork/

Looking Good!

This week I've been talking with the lads behind the CD artwork, and from the sneak peeks I've had its going to be bloody beautiful. I can't wait to share it with you! Just 4 days in to the project, we're already at 24%. That's fantastic! A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Now to keep the momentum going so it doesn't lose steam.

I've gone live!

Woohoo! Just five weeks now in which to raise 3k :) a challenge but a welcome one.

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