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Endangered Souls

By The Project Syndrome


Gerald Butler is an artist with potential but he lacks ambition. His past has been less than ideal and he is struggling to be accepted amongst his peers and even more so by his family.

He has very vivid dreams of an incomprehensible future where he is happy in love with a mysterious woman that appears to him when he is feeling considerably worthless to encourage him to confront his demons and become worthy of her love.

His daily life and its challenges have turned Gerald into an introverted coward and as the days and weeks unravel he becomes less and less capable of functioning in society.

But you just can't help but root for this unconventional protagonist in emotional limbo. Can he become worthy of his potential or will his anti-social behaviour manage to overcome his life's true path to lead a fulfilling adult life?

The money raised will be used to print 100 copies of the novella, Endangered Souls. The novella will be sold online and posted out to Funditeers and future customers. The budget will help cover printing, online distribution and post of the book if successful. Any online promotion will also be financed by the money raised by the Fund it campaign.

Endangered Souls is the fourth book to be released by The Project Syndrome, a Creative Arts Company with a wide range of expressions from literature, short stories to poetry, music, documentary, fine art, photography to film making. I have successfully raised money for two books of poetry, Captivate Renaissance and A Nomadic Exchange. I also released a novel, The Death of a Socialite, all three projects funded exclusively on Fundit.ie. I have very loyal and generous Funditeers who have seen three successful projects through to the target and they have encouraged me to keep going with Fund it.

The challenges for me to succeed in this project are that it may not sell as well as I hope. In order for me to sell the 100 copies and keep printing more in the future I will need to promote the novella by organising events and public appearances.

I am crowdfunding for this project in order to cover the cost of printing 100 copies of the novella, Endangered Souls that I plan to sell online. I have no other source of funding, this is a novella (a short novel) so the printing costs are very low but I feel this is an important story, well told, that will resonate with my loyal fan base who have been with me since day one.

I would like to thank you for considering my project and for aiding the printing and promotion of something that I am very proud of writing and sincerely wish to get into the hands of as many readers as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this!



An update on the new project

Hi there!


 I hope you’re well. I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know that I am now at 35% of my new project The Winding Reign. This is the last book that I will be promoting for a while and I hope you will find it interesting. Of course I would be very grateful of your support and thank you for reading this message,

EdmundThe Winding Reign

Great start to the campaign!!

 Hi, I just wanted to wish you a happy weekend and let you know that my latest project is now at 14% after just three days!! You can find out more at this link The Winding Reign

A Completely Different Novel

Hello! I have just gone live with a completely different kind of novel, link here The Winding Reign

Books just arrived!!

 Hi gang,


 I just wanted to write a quick note to say that the books have just arrived and will be sent out tomorrow morning, thanks again for funding

100% Funded!!

Hi, what a pleasant surprise to come home to!! Thank you to Sheridan Flynn and David Buckley for getting me over the last hurdle!! Books are coming soon

Thanks for funding Damien!!

A big thank you to Damien Dollard for funding!! Been there since the start

Thanks for funding Niall!!

Thanks a million for funding Niall, great to have so much support from the old neighbourhood

Thanks for funding Jonny!

A big thank you to Jonathan Farrelly for funding!! Almost there now

Thanks Aoibhin Redmond for pledging

Thank you so much for your donation Aoibhin, best of luck with your music!!

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Thanks for funding the project Duda!! I really appreciate your support

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Thanks a million to my brother Carlus for funding

Thanks Natasha!!

Thanks a million for funding Natasha

Thanks to Rob Dully for funding

Cheers for funding Rob!! At 57% now woohoo

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Thanks for another Buckley for funding

Thanks for funding Gareth!!

Great support from the Dunne family as always!! Thanks for funding Gareth

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A great big thank you to Gary for funding and getting us over the half way mark!! At 52% now

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Thanks for funding Aisling! Almost half way there now

At 42% Now!!

An anonymous funder has just got the percentage upto 42%. Almost half way with just over two weeks left!! 

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 Hi again!! 

Thanks for funding Charlie!! At 38% now

Thanks Mick for Funding!!

Yes, there has been another donation!! Thanks Mick Hogan for supporting yet again! I really appreciate it:)

Thanks to Raja and Marcos for funding

Just got home from playing a lute on Vikings to see I have been funded by two film makers! Raja and Marcos, thanks so much for funding!! At 28% now

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Thanks for funding Adele Ryan!!

Thanks for funding Dad!!

A big thank you to my Dad, Kevin Buckley for funding today!! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend

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 Thanks for making a pledge to Ciaran Redmond!! At 14% now on the 4th day

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Thanks to Frainc for funding! I am really grateful for your contribution

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Just got an anonymous funding!! Thanks very much! Right on track

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A big thank you to Keith Dunne for funding once again!! I really appreciate your continued support

Thanks Keith for funding

A big thank you to Keith Dunne for funding once again!! I really appreciate your continued support

Thanks Vivien Buckley for funding first!!

 Yes we have the first contribution in:))) Thanks to Vivien Buckley for getting us over the starting line!!

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