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Exit Strategy to Dublin Fringe Festival

By Makeshift Ensemble


Hi! Welcome, you arrived.

Thank you for clicking and thinking of funding us. We really appreciate it.

"Exit Strategy" is a part game, part theatre production about quitting, investments and happiness by Makeshift Ensemble that opened as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival in June. We hope you can help us bring this piece to Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2013.

Who we are:

We are Makeshift Ensemble a Cork-based young theatre company developing collaborative documentary theatre using non-actors on stage and creating performances that are accessible and maybe a bit different. Our style is strongly influenced by continental documentary theatre largely due to the fact that the company was originally the cast and crew of Fuck My Life a co-production between CAMPO and Cork Midsummer Festival before starting to create work in our own right. Exit Strategy, which is somewhere between a game and a theatre play, is a collaboration between Eszter Nemethi (Hungary) and Leah Hearne(Ireland) and stems from our conflicting views on leaving and a fascination with behavioural economics and game theory that promise a life that is calculable.

Our project:

We are very excited that Exit Strategy is programmed as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival this year. It is an amazing opportunity for us to present our work as part of the festival, represent Cork and also to be seen by programmers and start to develop an audience nationally.

“Exit Strategy” is part theatre play, part game about the strategies we follow to quit. A show for those with conflicting feelings about leaving, the future, sinking ships, national anthems and game theory. A documentary theatre piece about investments, fate and happiness. Quitting seems to be the big thing: companies liquidate or pull out of countries, countries threaten to pull out of Europe and people are pulling out of countries, relationships, bad habits and reality. This is a show where the performers ask the questions and what happens next it is up to the audience.

Why we need your help:

"Exit Strategy" is the first show that we hope to take outside of the city and to do that we need your help. To develop the show we received generous support from the Youth In Action programme, Cork Midsummer Festival, the Flemish Council for Arts and Heritage and UCC Drama and Theatre Studies.

We have already raised 50% of the money necessary to bring the show to Dublin but touring is an expensive thing and we really need your patronage to be able to pay for travel, accommodation, transport, marketing, technical fees and artist fees which are all necessary to bring this show to Dublin.

We are very honoured that we have this opportunity to showcase our work at the Dublin Fringe Festival but we rely on you to make this happen.

A huge thank you from
Eszter, Leah, Houdini (the frog) and all at Makeshift Ensemble

If you would like to know more about our company, Makeshift Ensemble, please visit us on www.facebook.com/makeshiftensemble



1 Day to go

Hi! For some of you thank you again for your generous support and for others thank you for the first time. Thanks to you we are at 92% today with just one day left from the campaign. We are nearly there with only €125 left to raise until we hit our target (and until we will be able to bring Exit Strategy to the Dublin Fringe Festival). At the moment we are getting ready to get back into production mode with the show and Eszter was in Dublin yesterday visiting the venue and meeting with the Dublin Fringe team ahead of their programme launch. We are also busy editing the video footage of the show into a full length video and preparing a promo video, designing posters, flyers and deliberating the best way to go about to promote the show in Dublin. This last day is the final hurray to get us over the line. We are hopeful that we will get there. If you were able to help over this last day by talking about us to friends it would be absolutely brilliant too! Again THANK YOU! for all your support. Regards, Eszter, Leah, Houdini (the frog) and the entire Exit Strategy team

1 Week to go

Hi! Thank you so much for supporting us and pledging to our campaign. Thanks to you we are at 42%. Today we are starting the final week of the campaign to reach €1650 to be able to take the show to the Dublin Fringe Festival. In "real life" outside of social media and the Fundit campaign we are at the moment planning for the festival setting up meetings in Dublin to make sure we know how our theatre works, and what we will need to do to promote the show. We are also assembling a brilliant Dublin team to help us through inside knowledge. We also had a great evaluation meeting and have identified things we would still like to look at in rehearsal. In a short sentence it is getting real. We really believe in this show and think it is important that we can show it to as many people as possible. We would like to thank you, truly and honestly, that you also think this is a good cause to support. If you can, we would really appreciate if in the next week you would be able to help us reach the target by talking about us to friends, colleagues (or anyone who would listen) on twitter or facebook or in real life. Again THANK YOU! for all your support so far. Regards, Eszter, Leah, Houdini (the frog) and the entire Exit Strategy team

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