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Eyes Wide Open

By Wytaofilms


Eyes Wide Open is a tense face-off between the weary Janet, a detective of many years and of high standing and the young perhaps naïve Kit.

Kit has been caught with a suitcase full of human cornea destined for the lucrative European organ trafficking marketplace. Janet is trying to ascertain if Kit is merely a lowly mule or does she have access to the criminal mastermind behind this despicable business, Thajik Nagas.

The film uses the cauldron of the interrogation cell to shed light on this disturbing underworld where body parts are bought and sold.

Wytao Films was established by Writer Fergal O'Byrne and Actor/Director/Producer William Morgan. We worked together for over 20 years in Theatre, Radio, TV and Film. Wytao Films has previously raised funds through Fund it to help produce our short film Glass Ceiling, which subsequently was viewed by audiences in over 23 countries. The film was also shortlisted for the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Most recently our short film Bio (featuring Patrick Joespeh Byrnes, SNOWDEN and Grace Fitzgerald) has been selected for numerous international festivals and was honoured with an Award of Distinction at the Canada Shorts Film Festival.

For Eyes Wide Open we're very excited to have attracted a terrific star cast with Anita Dobson, Yennis Cheung and Peter Vollebregt all attached to the project.

We are turning to Fund it to maximise the production values and potential of this terrific short film. As with all our other projects, this film will be partly self-financed and we're hoping to encourage the support of others through Fund it to ensure we produce a short that will stand proudly on the festival circuit and beyond. We are developing this short as a pilot for a TV drama series. We have used this approach with other shorts which have been optioned and are now in development.

The money raised will contribute to the following costs:
Crew (Camera, Sound, Lighting); Actors Fees; Studio Hire; Post Production (Editing) Festival Submissions.

We are very excited about this film and encouraged by the cast we have attached to it. We could shoot this for less if we didn't pay anyone and had low production values, but we want to give the film the best chance possible. We also want to be realistic in raising funds and in asking people to support us, with so many other demands on their time and money.

We greatly appreciate the support we have received on other projects and hope you can join us in producing this provocative short film. A little can really go a long way and we thank you sincerely for your support.



View & Vote

Hi Folks,

You can now view Eyes Wide Open as part of the Audience Awards Social & Political Film Festival. Follow the link below. To vote, you need to register or login via Facebook or Twitter.

Please share too if you can by following the Social Vote buttons below the film.


Barcelona, Miami,

Eyes Wide Open has recently been officially selected for the Barcelona Plent Film Festival and Miami Independent Film Festival, plus the Audience Awards Social & Political Film Festival. Be sure to like our facebook page for all updates. Thanks again for your support.


- William & Fergal.

We made it!

Hi folks,

Thank you for your patience and support. Eyes Wide Open is now complete and we have started submitting it to festivals.

Our first Festival Offical Selection so far is the Audience Awards Social & Political Film Festival.

You can check it out here:


We will keep you up to date with our festival progress.

Thanks again,

William & Fergal.


Thank you for your (continued) patience!

Hi folks, our production plans have unfortunately been pushed back a little further. We had hoped to have everything shot by now but with the cast changes came availability issues and with an ongoing Clash of the Schedules, (sounds like a TV programme idea!?!) It now looks like July before we will get to shoot. This is the cost of a low budget production, we need to call in favours and work around people's availability. We hope you understand. Rest assured, we're still on track, it's just that there are currently some leaves in the way , so to speak. Thanks for your patience. - Fergal & Will.

We've still got our Eyes Wide Open!

HI folks, just to keep you up to date, we have had to make cast changes and location changes and a lot of changes beyond our control. However, we are still focused on producing a great short film with your support. We look forward to introducing our new cast in due course and giving details of when and where we'll be shooting Eyes Wide Open. - Fergal & William.

Location Location Location

Hi folks, we are currently trying to secure our location for the shoot and are looking towards the end of April or early May as dates for the shoot. We will keep you up to date on our progress and thank you again for support. - Fergal & William.

Thank You Very Much!

Hi folks, delighted to announce that our Fundit campaign has been successful thanks to your generous support. It is greatly appreciated. We will be in touch again shortly with an update outlining details of the production and the projected timescale for completion of the film. Thanks again, - Fergal & William.

Almost 60%

We are now just shy of 60% of our fund-raising target. Thanks again to those who have pledged their support, it's much appreciated.

Just over half way there...

A huge thanks to those who have supported us so far. We are now just over half way there with our funding target and just under 30 days to go. If you can spread the word, any contribution is gratefully received.

Happy Christmas

A big thank you to those who have pledged their support to Eyes Wide Open. Detlighted to be 15% funded so far. If you're still stuck for Christmas pressie ideas, well how about the gift of producing a movie?!! Have a great Christmas and hope 2017 is productive and rewarding for you all.

We've started now...

Hey folks, delighted to have our Fundit campaign now live on the site and excited to spread the word on this film. We look forward to having you join us. I will try not to use the words 'journey' and rollercoaster'! We'll keep it real. Feel free to share the link to this page. Thanks for stopping by.

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