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The Witness album/Family Sitcom video

By Keith Weenz Ryan


I'm a rapper from Limerick who fronted the band Campaign LK and featured in music videos (Horse Outside) and plays (Passion 2014).  A year and a half ago I decided to make an autobiographical album.  Each song is part of the story beginning with my childhood through to the present; it's a story of survival.  The name of the album may be "12 steps to get drunk" or simply "Witness".  The video for the song 'Family Sitcom' has been shot and funding is now needed to complete the editing process.

We have 6 songs out of the 12 recorded so far and we require funding to keep the ball rolling.  Songs have been recorded thus far in the Hub in Kileely, Limerick City.  I hope to release the album in the summer of 2015, with an opening show at a venue in Limerick City to be decided upon (possibly Dolan's Warehouse).  The plan is to make several videos out of the songs in this album so it runs like a series.  I'm working with amazingly talented individuals around Limerick City and they are great value for money. 

The money I hope to raise here will go to the editing of the video 'Family Sitcom'. This will be about €400.  The other €400 will go to the mixing and mastering of the 6 songs I have also recorded to date.  Any extra money will be put towards recording the rest of the songs, followed by their mixing and mastering.  I have put about €600 into the album already, including expenses for the video, and will continue to spend.  The €800 target I'm seeking will not cover everything, but it will be a huge help to getting this project finished.

I'm working with fellow rapper Shane Davis who is also working on his album and we collaborate on several songs. There are several musicians around the city that I collaborate with also.  My long time friend and former bandmate Joe Coffee is the main producer on the album.  We've been making music for 12 years now.

Any money raised will be well spent indeed!

Thanks guys



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