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By Jay Finn


'Fastian' is my debut novel. I've been a lover of the fantasy genre ever since I was a young boy and 'Fastian' is my first foray into the world of fantasy. Set in a world resembling the Dark Ages in our own history, 'Fastian' follows the story of Fastian, Jacob and Alabaster Shanks as they attempt to survive under the oppressive regime know simply as The Nation. 'Fastian' is the first in a series of books, set in the same world, that I hope to complete.

I have been writing short stories for many years and after losing my job some time back, I have been able to devote more of my time to my writing and to self publish my material. My first experiment into the world of self publishing resulted in two miniature collections of short stories which are available on Amazon. 'Looking Back' and 'Beneath the Darkness' were both met with high critical praise and a substantial number of copies sold, all with very little marketing. I have relied on the quality of the stories and people's desire to tell others about a good book or a story they enjoyed. I have been published in online journals and one of my stories 'The Presence of Nothing' was shortlisted in the inaugural short story competition of Writing4all.ie.

I am using Fund it to cover the upfront costs of printing, production, professional editing, cover design, typesetting and other costs such as ISBN numbers.

All funding will be greatly appreciated and there are many different rewards available should you choose to generously help get my novel off the ground. When the novel has been printed and is ready for sale, I will be holding a launch night that all funders will be invited to attend.

'Fastian' will be available in ebook format and in paperback and should the funding go to plan, I hope to have it for sale towards the end of September/start of October.

I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity. So too would Fastian, Jacob and Alabaster Shanks, for they have more adventures they want me to tell you about and this will be one small step in making that a possibility.



Release date

Hey everyone. Just a quick update to all you lovely people who funded 'Fastian.' Things are flying along now at this stage and I'm beyond excited (and nervous) to get 'Fastian' out there for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy. I have received my first draft of the cover and it looks amazing. However, due to my perfectionist nature (making sure that the novel is the best it can possibly be) and some canny advice from marketing friends, I am postponing the release date until the end of November (in time for the Christmas market). I will have the actual launch date in the next few weeks. It will be held in the Heritage Centre in Clonaslee. For all the people who funded who live close enough and are free to make it, I really hope to see you there. For my funders (over €25) farther afield, I will be in touch via email so I can get address's to send your copy to you via post. Hope this update finds you all well and I'll be in touch again when I have more news. Excited and nervous, Jay.

Just over a week to go ...

... and we're almost there. Thanks so much again to everyone who has supported me so far, and now for the final push. Feel free to pledge a small amount, or pass the word onto someone you know who might be interested. Nine days left and just a little over 300 to go :)

Almost 2 weeks in

Hey guys and gals. Almost two weeks and I'm one third of the way there. Thanks so much for all your support. If things continue at this rate, I'll reach my target no problem.

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