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Fefu and Her Friends



Fefu and Her Friends was written in 1977 by María Irene Fornés. The story focuses on a group of female friends in 1935 who have gathered at the home of Fefu (short for Stephanie) to work on their proposal for an arts education programme in schools. The relationships between these women fluctuate and change a great deal throughout the play, and the difference between these relationships and those with men are the central theme of the play. All of the characters in the play have different perspectives on women and their role in society. Fefu, in spite of her deep seated depression, strives to emulate men and masculinity in her behavior and actions, which often causes her friends great alarm. Several of her friends try to convince themselves that they are satisfied taking an inferior position to men in society.

We are very interested in looking back, in 2011, at a play about feminism that was written for a group of women in the late 1970s, which looked back on how feminism has evolved since the 1930s. Our perspectives have changed so much, but have women changed? Has their fellowship and the way they treat each other changed? This production will be an interesting, witty, often humourous look at how women treat each other in the absence of any masculine figure. The production is directed by Bethie Fowler and the cast is:

Fefu - Ciara Ní Chuirc
Christina - Melissa Nolan
Cindy - Maeve Crockett
Julia - Ellen Flynn
Emma - Emer Kelly

Set design by Ciara Ní Chuirc
Lighting Design by Caroline Norris

The Play will run in the Samuel Beckett Theatre at Trinity College from November 23rd-25th as part of the Directing Debut Festival 2011.


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