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Felicity presents “?”

By Michael Stone


"I don’t even know if I’m awake. I feel like I haven’t been named yet.”

And so it has not yet been named! What we will simply refer to as “?” for now (as we await the end of a marketing embargo) is coming to an arts festival in Dublin this September. “?” is a new play by Colm Gleeson, a haunting tale of disappearance and pain. Its retelling takes shape on stage, in a spectacle of live sound, starry lights and magic.

We don’t want to hold back in our production of “?” We want it to be spellbinding, terrifying and outstanding. To do that we need your help. Together, we can make something that you will be proud to be a part of.

We are Felicity. We make aggressively present, emotionally intense theatre and music. We tell stories that speak for themselves, and stage the unstageable. We think theatre should be a fun, extraordinary, and one-of-a-kind conversation with you. We risk vulnerability, bristle with sincerity, and take direct action. Our projects sweat, ridicule and surprise.

We’re a group of theatre-makers and artists including (but not limited to) Jennifer Aust, Honi Cooke, Richard Durning, Eavan Gaffney, Colm Gleeson, Briony Morgan, Caitlin Scott, Michael Stone, Colm Summers, and Annachiara Vispi; having worked together in various combinations for several years, this year we finally decided we liked it enough to put a ring on it, and formed a company.

Taking a show to this festival in September is a huge endeavour. The cost of rehearsal space, artist stipends, publicity materials, show design and production expenses amount to quite a sum. We are hoping to do well at the box office and make a dent in this but we expect a shortfall and that's why we're appealing to you. We would be eternally appreciative of your support.

If successful the €3500 would go towards rehearsal space (approx €800) publicity and marketing expenses (approx €450), design and production costs (approx €2100), insurance (approx €150). We're committed to a fair wage for artists and we're doing what we can to honour this commitment - opefully, with box office sales. With your support, the project will be able to succeed and flourish.

It’s extremely exciting for our emerging company to be programmed in this buzzing arts festival. With a show that’s funny, thought-provoking, wild and weird, we hope we can make our mark. We're so proud of this show and everyone involved. We have faith that it can stand out at the box office and leave an impression on all who come to see it.

Thank you so much for visiting this page and for funding our work. We’re excited to make something you will be proud to have funded.


Felicity xxx

*Video by Andrew Jordan*