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FIGURE IT OUT by 50% Male

By 50% Male Experimental Theatre


"FIGURE IT OUT" is a new dance piece, choreographed by Anna Gaciarz, which will premiere in September 2013, as a part of Dublin Fringe Festival.

Who we are:

We are 50% Male Experimental Theatre, a Dublin-based collective operating under the stewardship of choreographer and dance artist Anna Gaciarz. The company was founded as an artistic experiment in 2009, born of our shared desire to explore the realms of contemporary dance and physical theatre.

We have presented three full works to date: "Peter Pans" (2009), "Seekers" (2011) and "Chemistry" (2012).

Our project:

"FIGURE IT OUT" is a new and exciting dance piece in which we aim to explore the complexities of woman's nature and female identity.

It's been said that a woman is like an ocean - unpredictable and mysterious. With this new work, we plan to venture beyond the rocky tides of the surface to see what secrets reside in the depths below.

The piece will be performed by Anna Gaciarz, Ruth Shine, Dagmara Jerzak and Elena Degtyareva and will be accompanied by an original sound score and live music, courtesy of composer Przemyslaw Lozowski and his band.

We are especially excited to 'embrace our roots' by staging the show in the stark and spacious D-Light Studios, which has served as a home of sorts for 50% Male since we first convened there four years ago and began our journey together.

Why we need your help:

"FIGURE IT OUT" is our most ambitious project yet, fusing contemporary dance, physical theatre, live music and film. The project combines the work and talents of many individuals and we are delighted to have been granted a two-week Dance Ireland Residency, during which we will work to develop the piece in advance of its premiere at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013.

We are asking for your generous support to help us cover the costs of production, transport of sets and equipment, technical fees, marketing and artist fees. 50% Male continues to exist thanks to the support that we receive from our audience and anything you can offer WILL MAKE a difference in making this next exciting chapter in our journey a reality.

If you would like to know more about our company, 50% Male Experimental Theatre, and the work of our choreographer Anna Gaciarz, please visit our website: http://50percentmale.com/



Project Update for Figure It Out

Dear Funders, Dublin Fringe Festival has started! And thanks to your support we are part of it! ‘Figure It Out’ will run for six nights, between Sept 9th-14th so make sure to come down to D-Light Studios and enjoy the show that we were able to bring to life thanks to your backing. For starters, have a look at our promo video as an introduction to the show: http://bit.ly/18pLO4n (YouTube video) Please check out the official festival page for more details about the show: http://www.fringefest.com/programme/figure-it-out and help us spread the word. If you would like to follow our further progress and keep in touch, please ‘like’ our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/50PercentMaleTheatre P.s. We are still awaiting for some of you to send us back your addresses as we would like to send you personalised thank you notes! Please check your ‘spam’ folders in case request was for re-routed in there. Our official contact e-mail address is 50percentinfo@gmail.com if you ever need to contact us directly!

Project Update for 'Figure It Out'

Dear Funders and Supporters, We have reached our target! Thanks to your pledges we managed to raise €2235! This amount will allows us to cover the costs of production, transport of sets and equipment, technical fees and artist fees. We are delighted that we can now completely focus on the creative process and develop the piece. Please save these dates in your dairy to come and see the show this September: 09.09-14.09.2013 (performed in D-Light Studios, Dublin 1). Over the course of this campaign we received some great support from our friends, families and other good people who genuinely wanted to help us to make it happen. We really appreciate all your help and your generosity because without it we would not be where we are now. Our group exists thanks to YOU and your support. Thank you!! We will be in touch with you soon to arrange for your REWARDS according to your pledge. Please keep your eyes and ears open for more news about the development of 'Figure It Out' and you can always pay us a visit and just say 'hello' and share your thoughts on our work via our Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/50percentmaletheatre or via email: 50percentinfo@gmail.com Also to keep in mind '50% Male' will be performing the latest piece 'Chemistry' at The Firkin Crane in Cork on the 16th of August: http://bit.ly/15XyF4I. We are in for few exciting things over the next couple of weeks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Anna Gaciarz on behalf of the all people involved. Choreographer and Artistic Director.

Project Update for 'Figure It Out'

Dear Funders and Supporters, Thank you so much for your pledges! As of today we have reached 68% of our target! This an amazing thing to experience and we are really grateful for your support. The preparations for 'Figure It Out' are going really well and we can't wait to bring it to the next stage. We are now working with our composer to create an original score for the production. Music has always been a very important part of our performances so you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet your high expectations. You can follow progress of our work at https://www.facebook.com/50percentmaletheatre We also finished recording the first of a series of short movies that will become an integral part of the performance. The video was recorded by Mike Kacperski who is also the author of our 'Fund It' campaign video, which you can watch on the project website: http://www.fundit.ie/project/figure-it-out-by-50-male There are still 4 days left to support us and we're working hard to reach our target because if we don't make it we will not be able to keep any of the funding. Thank you! Anna Gaciarz Choreographer and Artistic Director.

Project Update for 'Figure It Out'

Dear Funders and Supporters, The first two weeks of our 'Figure It Out' funding campaign have passed and we managed to reach 30% our target - all thanks to You! In the meantime we completed our two-week Dance Ireland residency in DanceHouse, which helped us greatly to develop the piece. These few intensive days of rehearsing paid off and we grew confident that this new work will become something truly amazing when it's ready. There are many great people involved in this project and one of them is an Irish sculpture artist, Ger Clancy who makes our stage props. Thanks to his dedicated work we are already rehearsing for the show using the main piece of our stage set. You can follow progress of our work at https://www.facebook.com/50percentmaletheatre which is full of photos and text updates! We have to reach our target of €2200 by the end of the next week or we else we won't receive any of your pledges. Such are the rules of 'crowdfunding' platforms, it is all-or-nothing. So, please help us by sharing the campaign link anywhere you can: http://www.fundit.ie/project/figure-it-out-by-50-male Thank you! Anna Gaciarz Choreographer and Artistic Director.

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