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Finnian - Vinyl Album Release

By Finnian Kelleher


Hi everyone

From the very beginning, my aim was to press these 9 Tracks to Vinyl. Hugely inspired by 70's style production, we recorded live to tape in Blackmountain Studio Dundalk  ( not just to be snobby or hipster ) but with the genuine ambition of giving the listener the most authentic sounding record that (we) could make. It was mixed and mastered both for digital and vinyl release by multiple grammy award winners Ben Kane and Alex De Turk at the legendary Masterdisk Vinyl Cutting in Brooklyn New York. This broke my wallet, actually my wallet is still in bits :) But I am very proud of what we have made and after putting so much time and money into the recording, mixing and mastering of this record for YouYou the much appreciated listener, I would be remiss if I didn't finish the job properly


I will pay for the master cut and plating of the vinyl but I need additional funding via pre-sales for - 

Pressing and Packaging 300 ( 180g Gatefold ) - 1909 euro and additional Shipment packaging and postage 150 euro
Fund it's cut of 4% - 100
Final Artwork cost - 375 euro 

The album is titled 'Under The Influence' for many reasons, some of which I will let you decide upon hearing it. Mainly, I was under the influence of music that inspired me over the years, musicians that have opened my ears to new sounds, people that I met and places that I have been. Bringing my songs to life would not have been possible without my prouducer Peter Baldwin and the generous and beautiful playing of my band which includes some of the finest session musicians working in Ireland today from renowned keys player John Mccullough to Booka Brass.  And beautiful singers Jess Kav of Barq and Stephanie Winters. The records gatefold package and textured cover below was designed by record aficionado Niall Hitone McCormack

I'm crowdfunding because I want this record to be heard as we intended. Also because I can no longer work to earn the money to pay for it myself. Oh poor me ! There are bigger problems in the world I know. But I hope that if this campaign is successful, it will give your ears a well needed break from all the bad news. It's hard to give an exact date of completion of the vinyl but the digital release will be Friday July 24 and hopefully vinyl simultaneously, but slight delays may occur with with oversea shipment due to Covid and at pressing stage.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my music and anyone who is in a position to support this campaign, especially under the circumstances we are currently facing. Making Music is nearly a pointless endeavour without people to listen to it so I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for whatever contribution you can make and in doing so, taking it a step closer to being heard. 



Website Mailing list and Record update

Hello Everyone 

Once again I want to thank each and every one of you for funding this project. As you can see it is now sitting at 5125 euro, over double the iniatial target, with 5 days left to go. 

The master lacquer of the vinyl is yet to be shipped from MasterDisc in New York. There has been further delays due to the lockdown restrictions in the city due to Covid and also from the current situation and protests that are ongoing across the United States. 

With that said I am confident that my record will be shipped to Sheffield in the UK for the stamping stage of the process in the next few days. So as it stands I am still on target to have the vinyl complete for late August. As soon as possible, I promise. 

I launched my website - Finnian.ie during the week and I would really appreciate it if you would sign up to my mailing list via the site ? I will be using this to update you on the progress of the vinyl and also for future gig and music related news. 


Thanks again for your support 



Mastering Test Lacquer Photo - Under The Influence

A photo of the test lacquer being made during the mastering stage in MasterDisc NY from a while back. Still some tweaks to be made but it's getting there. :) 

194 %

Hello everone..

I'm astonished that this campaign has nearly doubled it's target. Sitting just under 5000 euro.. wow !! 

Thank you so much to every single one of you for your support and generoisity. I am very grateful. 

Really looking forward to getting stuck in to launching this record and getting it out to you. Digital release July 24th. Keep an eye on my social pages for more updates on how things are going.. 

Thank you again...



I am truly overwhelmed with the response to this campaign and the generosity of each and every one of you who funded. 3400 is just a crazy figure to reach in 24 hours and I could not have foreseen that. Thank You is all I can say for now and I can't wait to get this album pressed and sent out to you all.. I promise I will get it done as fast as I possibly can.. 

With all that said I still have another 4 weeks to go before the campaign can finish so I'm going to make the most of it and keep it going and if more funds come in that will be a huge help in going towards Press Release. It will also allow me to launch the album in a bigger way than I had planned. The Ball is rolling now thanks to all of you, please spread the word so we can keep it rolling.  

Much Appreciated



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