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First Edition: Butoh Festival Dublin!

By Butoh Festival Dublin


ButohDublin will present a first edition of the Butoh Festival Dublin, running from the 23-26 August 2012.

Who are we?
We are a small but dedicated group of people who got together to organise the small festival that would facilitate a kinetic, visual and audible engagement with butoh, one that is speaking to the mind and the body equally through performance, open workshops, talk and film screening.

What is Butoh?
Butoh is a contemporary dance form originated in Japan in the 1960s, in the aftermath of the nuclear bombing and the destruction caused. Butoh is described as a profoundly humane art form, speaking from soul to soul, where the dancers create archetypical images through movement, which are not bound to codified shapes. In Butoh, we can witness the beauty of creation and decay, experience silence and explore many forms of human expressions.

What are we asking you for?
We have invited exciting dance and theatre artists offering their performances, workshops, film and talks to the audience, many of them as Irish theatre premieres.
The artists hail from Ireland, Austria, Japan and Germany to share their work with you. So far, we have invited the following practitioners to contribute to the Festival:

Ambra Bergamasco (Ireland), Workshops
Motimaru Dance Company (Germany / Japan), Workshop and Performance
Bridget Scott (Japan), Workshop and Performance
Dr. Michael Weiss (Austria), Talk
Fergus Byrne (Ireland), Talk

Your contribution will help us to be able to confirm the full programme schedule and pay for parts of the flights and rent of the performance space, dance floor, and workshop studio.
We try to raise the rest of the money for artist fees, accommodation and all the small bits through fund raising events, donation-based workshops in the run up to the festival and ticket sales for both workshops and performances.

We hope to have you dancing in one of the workshops and welcome you to the performances and talks and film screenings at end of August.

Your contributions will be vital for the progression of the Festival planning and will give us the much needed financial support to push forward!
We have some great rewards for your pledge and we hope you like them as much as we do!

Arigatoo and thank you for your contributions and spreading of the word.

Katrin Neue for ButohDublin

Video credits:
Editing Karen Gleeson
Footage (order of appearance ) Motimaru Dance Company, Bridget Scott, Butoh workshop with Yoshito Ohno at Scotia Dance Center in Vancouver BC (example of butoh workshop, footage Maureen Freehill), Ohno Yoshito with puppet.
Music by Steve Roden + Steve Peters (Water Veins)

Image credit: Antje Schneider O'Toole (image by Motimaru Dance Company)



Dear Funders!

Dear Funders, thank you so much again for your pledges, we cannot put in words what it means to us to have such an amazing support from around the world. You´ll soon receive an email from us regarding your rewards, so look out for it (it will have Butoh Festival Dublin - your reward! in the subject field!). If you would like to keep updated about the Butoh Festival Dublin, please visit our website www.butohfestivaldublin.com, where you can find the events and confirmed artists and also will be able to sign up for the newsletter, if you wish to do so. Again, arigatoo! Katrin Neue and team / ButohDublin

We have 3 days left...

...and thanks to your generosity only 675€ left to pledge before we reach our final goal of 2000€. THANK YOU! Our first confirmed artist, Ken Mai, will be performing an evening-length solo in the festival, as well as teaching a workshop, so watch out for more news! He is busy travelling the world with his art, his last stops were the international Butoh Festival in Budapest, as well as the one in Paris, while performing in Finland and Russia just now. We are excited to present him in Ireland for the first time! Pop over to our website, where we slowly fill up all information during the next week(s). If you can, please share the flyer (you can find it on www.facebook.com/butohfestivaldublin ) and share your generous pledge with your friends! We only have 3 days left to get the last 34%. Every little helps, as they say and a pledge over 50€ will secure you a limited edition performance photograph and workshop-place! YOU are making this festival possible. Your support is moving us! Katrin / ButohDublin

We are past the 50% now because of YOU!

Dear funders, a big heartfelt and jumping of joy THANK YOU! for your kind support for the Festival. We're now over 50% of the target and still have 2 weeks to go. Today, the contracts will be sent out to the artists - an exciting step forward, as we can publish information on performances and workshops really soon now! To keep you up to date with what is happening in the Festival, you can take a look at our website www.butohfestivaldublin.com. We already had a great impromptu-evening as part of Exploriment! in Back Loft in May. There will be first workshops with Ambra Bergamasco in June and July at Dance House and with support of Dance Ireland. We hope to welcome you at the Festival, until then, keep spreading the word and bring a friend or two, we love to see new faces and dancing bodies! YOU are making this Festival happen with your contribution, and we really unbelievably appreciate your trust and effort of pledging for us. Thank you! Katrin and all the team

25%! A big Thank You!

We are so happy about the first 25% pledges, thank you! After applying for Small festival Scheme funding from the Arts Council, we received a letter that we were not the lucky ones to receive anything, so all our hopes and work are now even more focussed on making the festival happen on a very low budget, of which this campaign might contribute the biggest chunk, if we can fill the remaining 75% (or more) within the next 42 days. We thank you for your contribution, and are delighted about the first sprouts of support, it means a lot to us to see the work supported! Please, if you can, keep spreading the word and make the festival a success. We can't reach everyone that might be interested, so your networking is very much appreciated! Keep an eye on the updates via www.butohfestivaldublin.com (the site will fill within the nex few weeks, we promise!). There will be workshops happening in Dublin, the first one May 20th in Back Loft, as part of 'Exploriment! The Dance Fringe Weekend' and more workshops are in planning at the moment. We will be finalising the programme in May. We hope you'll dance with us in August! The very Best, Katrin Neue and all at ButohDublin

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