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First Fortnight Arts Festival 2012

By David Keegan


The First Fortnight  project aims to trigger a conversation on mental health stigma through the medium of the arts. We are, at our core, six volunteers who have given up their time to put together and stage this ambitious programme of events. And now we’re looking for your help.

About First Fortnight

First Fortnight is an arts-based mental health awareness project that happens in the first two weeks of every year. This is our third year of operation having successfully produced First Fortnight 2010 & 2011. Specifically we are six volunteers who work every spare moment we have to make this project happen because we believe passionately in it. We gain nothing but the satisfaction of knowing we can deliver something that we believe helps to inspire engagement with a crucially important issue.

Who We Are

David Keegan
Marketing, Sales and Production: David is an experienced arts professional. He is currently marketing director in the Pavillion Theatre, Dún Laoighaire.

Steve Cummins
Press & PR: Steve is an outstanding music writer having worked for NME, Hot Press and others. Steve is also a working journalist with a national newspaper.

Dave Reid
Industry Relations and Business Development: Dave is the Director of choice music prize and a music industry entrepreneur running and managing a number of companies.

Rob Davis
Graphic Design: Rob is a seasoned design professional with experience in national magazines, high profile web projects and award winning social media projects.

J.P Swaine
Manager: J.P is a Mental Health Service Manager, activist and Psychotherapist. J.P is a former USI Welfare Officer.

Eithne McAdam
Curator: Eithne is an Artist and Art Therapist.

“First Fortnight Campus”

“First Fortnight Campus” is a live original music event preceded by a mental health panel discussion. We are the arts partner of the See Change campaign. We are working with them to help reduce the stigma around  mental health issues in Ireland.  In the process of promoting the event we aim to create momentum and awareness of the campaign. Promote the gig, promote the issues. Stigma, prejudice and discrimination can do more lasting harm to people than a period of low mood or self harm. The project utilises the mediums of the arts to create a platform for our partner organisation to get their message heard. We embed the link between the creative process and emotional expression in the core features of the project. Put simply we do what we do because it works.

For full details on the programme line-up and First Fortnight, check out our website.  Information on Daniel Johnston musician and artist.

Thank you so much for your help.

The First Fortnight Team.



And the winner is....

The winner of a nights B&B at the luxurious Clarence Hotel is.... Alan Grace. Congrats! We'll be in touch...

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