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Fit/Misfit - Dublin Fringe Festival 2013

By Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company


Our dance quartet Fit/Misfit was selected for Dublin Fringe Festival 2013. Fit/Misfit is a dynamic physical dance supported by a humorous cinematic music score, with references to music from films such as Spaghetti-Westerns. When dance meets Pulp Fiction... Energetic and whimsical!

"Fit/Misfit by Tipperary-based Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company is concerned with individuals fitting together [...] in spite of its superficial whimsy it is a sharply-pointed exploration of trust and belonging." (Michael Seaver, Irish Times, May 2013).

Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli are directors of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company. Since 2008, we have been artists in residency at Tipperary Dance Residency, and directors of Tipperary Dance Platform. The company has toured in 7 countries: Ireland, France, USA, Korea, Venezuela, Mexico and Russia

The dance piece Fit/Misfit is the outcome of an enthusiastic encounter between three groups of artists: Iseli-Chiodi dance company, the music band Horsemen Pass By from Ireland, and dance company Lux Boreal from Tijuana, Mexico.

Following a preview extract at Re-Presenting Ireland (Dublin Dance Festival), Fit/Misfit premiered in France at the Festival "Mouvements sur la Ville" (Montpellier) in June 2013. In both places, the piece received very enthusiastic feedback.

Now we are very happy and eager to finally perform the full version of the piece in Dublin, at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 (in Smock Alley) with its full cast, including three Mexican dancers!


So far, we have managed to create Fit/Misfit without a specific production budget. The work was fuelled with enthusiasm, and all participating artist brought the resources of their own companies. We also received the support of Culture Ireland to tour the work in France and Mexico.

To support this event in Dublin, we are missing some funding. The money we need to raise will be used to cover accommodation expenses and perdiems during rehearsal & performance in Dublin for the entire cast: Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli and our technician Orla Kavanagh (for Iseli-Chiodi), and Angel Arambula, Raul Navarro and Humberto Vega for Lux Boreal Company. The funding raised will also cover promotion expenses, and technical expenses, such as stage equipment requirements, and the fee of our technician Orla.