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Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn

By Mary Leahy


"I like to treat wood as if it were a malleable material; gently removing the excess from inside, pushing the wood into Fluid Forms"         

Liam Flynn (4th April 1969-8th April 2017)


About Liam Flynn
Liam Flynn was an Irish craftsperson of international repute from Abbeyfeale, County Limerick. Working with wood was a family tradition and Liam was quietly dedicated to his craft since childhood, having inherited the workshop of his father and grandfather. Fellow woodturner and friend, Ciarán Forbes, described Liam as "a true artisan-craftsman" with "an unerring sense of line". His turned wood vessels were exhibited throughout Europe and the USA and are included in several major collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), National Museum of Ireland, The Center for Wood Art (USA) and the Scottish National Museum.

About "Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn"
April 8th was the second anniversary of Liam’s death and an opportune time to reflect on his life and work. Fluid Forms will be a high quality hardback publication with over 85 colour images, recognising and celebrating Liam’s achievement in his craft.
The launch will take place in November 2019 at Oliver Sears Gallery with an exhibition of ten selected works by Liam Flynn.

Our Team

Conceived and developed through friendship, our team felt it was important to celebrate the extraordinary talent of master woodturner and artist Liam Flynn. We are fortunate to have excellent designers, photographers and contributing writers to deliver this project.

  • Mary Leahy, Project Manager
  • Kevin O’Dwyer, Artistic Director
  • Oonagh Young, Book Designer

 Fluid Forms will include essays by Roger Bennett and Yvonne McEnery, and photography by Liam Flynn, Kevin O'Dwyer and Brendan Landy.


A personal note from Mary Leahy

Liam and I walked through life together for seventeen years. I feel the enduring absence every day. Liam’s intelligence and curiosity about life led him to explore so many interests along with craft and art- music, books, politics, history, cycling and fishing. He enriched my world. I look forward to publishing Fluid Forms in recognition of Liam’s accomplishment in his craft, and a life well lived.


Your contribution

Funds received will be used for design, photography, and printing costs.  At this time we have raised 12,000 euro towards this limited edition publication. We have a projected a total budget of 20,000 euro and are therefore looking for 8,000 euro to complete the project. 

Why Fund it

Liam made his mark internationally, both professionally and personally.  Fund it will reach out to friends, colleagues and collectors who have been inspired by his artwork. It will also reach new audiences who are not yet aware of Liam Flynn. Fund it provides an opportunity to pre-order this limited edition publication and support the project. 

Thank you
Thank you for your kind attention. I am grateful to our team for their hard work to date and believe Fluid Forms will be a fitting tribute to Liam Flynn. I invite you to join us in making its completion and production possible.

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We have gone to print .

We are ready to go to print!


I am immensely grateful to Roger Bennett, who joined the project as editorial co-ordinator, and copy editor, Amanda Bell, who have worked diligently on reviewing the text and making final edits.

Kevin and I met our graphic designer, Oonagh Young, on Friday and we are very happy with Fluid Forms.  It has grown from 118 pages to 128 pages as we had such a wealth of material.

Oliver Sears and ourselves have decided to move the launch of Fluid Forms from Oliver Sears Gallery to the RHA in order to accommodate the number of people who have expressed interest. There is also a change of date.

The launch of Fluid Forms will be on                               Wednesday 4th December at the  RHA in Dublin.

There will be a launch in Abbeyfeale Public Library on          Wednesday 11th December 

It is due to the support from you all that we are able to publish Fluid Forms.  I am grateful to you all.



There will be an unveiling of a Liam Flynn piece donated to Abbeyfeale Public Library on Wednesday 2nd October at 7.30pm.

Like Fluid Forms, this is in recognition of Liam’s accomplishment in his craft, and of a life well lived.  It marks the historic connection of the Flynn and McEnery families to Abbeyfeale, and will be a permanent memorial to Liam. I hope some of you who live locally will be able to attend.

Meanwhile, our graphic artist, Oonagh Young, continues to work diligently on Fluid Forms...

Again, thank you all for your support.


Our graphic designer, Oonagh Young, has some interesting ideas which we are free to explore thanks to the generosity of our funders.

We are looking forward to first drafts. It is gratifying to be at this stage following support from yourselves and the commitment of our writers and photographers.

I have received emails from many of you giving me your postal addresses; many kind words and encouragement, further confirmation that we were right to pursue this project.

If you have not yet passed on your postal address, my email is 


Again, thank you all.

Thank you

 By the close of our campaign we were 175% funded.  I am gratified at the level of interest, which has enabled us to pursue a publication of the highest quality.

Work continues on decision making for Fluid Forms.  I am delighted with our written pieces, and our photographic material is superb.  It is a challenge to decide which images to include.

I believe I have emailed all of you at this point to thank you and ask for your addresses. Many of you have emailed me back and I thank you for your encouraging messages. If you haven’t yet emailed me your address , my email is


Again, thank you.






Last day of campaign...

The last day of our fundit campaign and thanks to you all, we are at 171% funded. Thanks also to the fundit team for their guidance and support.  

The overwhelming response confirms to me that we were right to pursue this publication in honour of Liam.  

We are in a position to fund the highest quality publication, Fluid Forms will be a tribute, and a permanent record of Liam’s work.  Our team is continuing work on Fluid Forms, and I am confident it will be ready for launch on the 5th December at Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin.

Thank you for funding this project, and for helping us to spread the word about Fluid Forms so widely.  




Less than a week left .....

 Our focus in recent weeks has been on disseminating information about the upcoming publication of Fluid Forms widely, and giving as many potential supporters as possible the opportunity to preorder their copy of Fluid Forms.

 Your support in sharing posts and links has been key to this effort and I am grateful to you all. 

The commitment of our team in ensuring Fluid Forms will be a worthy tribute is evident in the care being taken with so many details.  It is a measure of how Liam touched all of our lives.

Again, I thank you all. 



Two weeks left....

Two weeks left of our campaign and thanks to our funders and supporters, we have reached 161% of our funding target.  

Our team met on Friday 24th.  We enjoyed exchanging ideas, and I am confident Fluid Forms will be a fitting tribute to Liam’s accomplishment in his craft. We anticipate launching Fluid Forms on 5th December 2019 at Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin.

At this point, our focus is on honouring Liam’s memory by distributing Fluid Forms widely. We ask for your continued support by spreading the word about Fluid Forms.

Thank you all for your support.




We are midway through our six week campaign to support the publication of Fluid Forms, and thanks to an overwhelming response have far exceeded our funding target.  We are truly grateful to our funders.  It is a measure of the regard for Liam Flynn.

We are continuing our fundit campaign to give possible supporters the opportunity to preorder their copy of Fluid Forms. 

We ask for your continued support by ensuring people are aware of (or reminded of!) this publication by sharing posts and links.

All our writers have completed their pieces, and we have a wealth of high quality images of Liams work.  We are looking forward to an editorial meeting this Friday, 24th.

Again thank you all for your support.

Again Thank You

Thanks to our funders and to supporters, we have far exceeded our target, reaching 149% today, day eight. It is a measure of the regard for Liam Flynn.

Some of our contributing writers have completed their pieces, others are nearing completion.  We have numerous wonderful images of Liam’s work. We are looking forward to making further progress on producing Fluid Forms.  

The widespread awareness of this project is due to supporters sharing posts and links, and I ask for your continued support in spreading the word.

Many thanks for your support, I am truly grateful.

Target surpassed

Day two of our campaign and we have reached 128% of our target. Thank you to our funders, supporters, and everyone who posted/forwarded our posts and links. It is a tribute to Liam.

We are continuing our fundit campaign to give possible supporters the opportunity to pre-order their copy of Fluid Forms. Fluid Forms will be a permanent record of Liam’s achievement, and we want to honour his memory by distributing it widely. We ask for your continued support in ensuring people hear about this publication by sharing posts/links etc. 

Again, thank you all.  

Thank you

It is twenty-two hours since this campaign was launched with the help of the fundit team and we have reached 78% of our funding goal.

I want to thank our supporters for such an overwhelming response.  I am truly grateful at the level of interest in Fluid Forms-Liam Flynn. It is a reflection of the impact Liam made during his lifetime.

I want to achieve as many pre-orders as possible so that Fluid Forms is widely distributed, keeping Liam’s memory alive. 

Thank you all for the support and for sharing our fundit link. 


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