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Fly Mr Vast to Dublin!

By The House Presents


The House Presents is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote arts and the community in Dublin North side. As volunteers, we organise evenings upstairs in Annesley House (Dublin 3) every first Friday of the month. These evenings are a mix of quality performances from all sorts of music, dances and performances. We support artists of all styles in our area and beyond. The evenings always bring a good quality mix of surprises and discoveries!

Last year we had the opportunity to invite Mr Vast to play at The House Presents and since then, we really want him back... His performance was stunning, mind-blowing, uplifting, fresh, outrageous and so exciting!

So let's Bring back Mr Vast to Dublin!

We have teamed up with the Workman's Club (Dublin) to cure the post-christmas slump...This joint adventure will bring you the aforementioned and extraordinary Mr Vast & his Vast Minority plus very special guests and a heap of exuberant experiences on the 7th of January!

BUT FIRST we have to fly Mr Vast to Dublin and this cannot be done without you. Why not become a part of the Vast Minority?
See below what you can get - for yourself, for friends or loved relatives while helping Mr Vast fly to Dublin!



Launch of the Fly Mr Vast fundit project!

Really hoping this is going to fly high up in the sky!

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