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Foreign Bodies

By Polish Theatre Ireland


Polish Theatre Ireland (PTI) is a non-for-profit theatre group formed in 2008 to produce shows that are accessible for both Polish and Irish audiences.

PTI aims to intertwine Polish and Irish theatre making. We merge the qualities of the Irish theatre system with the nature of Polish drama while creating a new voice in the Irish cultural scene.

Our socially engaged productions have gained much recognition already among the theatre goers of Dublin and we constantly search for new audiences. We started in Focus Theatre with bilingual Scent of Chocolate (2010), we staged multinational Chesslaugh Mewash during Absolut Fringe 2011 and most recently we presented accidy Delta Phase in Theatre Upstairs (2012).

This year we are bringing another exciting theatre project to the Project Arts Centre (22-07–3-08). It’s called Foreign Bodies and is based on a script written by a Polish playwright Julia Holewinska and translated by Artur Zapalowski (one of the most recognized translators of Polish dramas into English). The play has been acknowledged by the Gdynia Drama Award committee as the best Polish drama in 2010.

Foreign Bodies is inspired by a real story of Ewa Holuszko who – as Marek Holuszko – fought for freedom in communist Poland, and after the fall of communism changed sex into female, the consequence of which was social rejection, poverty and solitude in a new capitalistic country. The play is a powerful and compelling treatment of notions of identity, gender equality and society’s attitude towards those that are different. Although set in Poland these same issues are ones which are being considered in Ireland – not just in the theatre, but in society as a whole. As a country Ireland continues to have a conservative religious constituency, in recent times our society has become increasingly accepting of diversity, not merely in terms of race or religion but also in the case of gay rights, having introduced a civil partnership legislation around which passionate debate still continues. Perhaps one of the last issues, which we have yet to come to terms with as a society, is the issue which Julia has explored in the play – transgender, and the way in which society treats a person outside the gender binary. While many people in Ireland may feel that this is a subject we have been “left behind on”, or wilfully neglected, Julia’s play helps to show us that the issue is the one being faced on a daily basis by many societies including Poland – a country perhaps quite similar to Ireland in terms of its religious and post-colonial/post-communist heritage.

We are already supported by Polish Embassy who cover the cost of the rehearsal space and National Lesbian and Gay Federation is our core partner but we still need to raise funds to cover the costs including author’s copyrights, set materials, props, costumes, transport and printing of the scripts and promo materials. We would greatly appreciate your kind donations.

Thank you in advance from all at PTI!



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Of course there was a little mistake in the previous update: we were meant to say that 'we would NOT make it without you'. We would definitely NOT make without your help!!! Forgive us the mistake

Thank you guys!

Dear all our Friends and Funders, We've just finished our play reading series in Centre for Creative Practices, it was very moving and fun, and we had a wonderful audience, we were so delighted that we could share the communist and post-communist experiences through Bubble Revolution. In the meantime - we managed to gather 1165 euro, thanks to your kind support, we would make it without you so thank you so much for your donations, for sharing and for being with us. We have another 20 hours to make it. Will we make it? of course we will!!!! We will be in touch soon!!! Foreign Bodies team

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