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'Foreign Cities' Album Packaging

By James Cooper


I'm James Cooper, a Dublin-based Aussie songwriter, singer, musician and producer. I arrived in Dublin over 2 years ago now. About a year after that I set myself a challenge. Without knowing anyone in the Dublin music scene could I create an album all on my own? This time around could I write, perform, record & produced a whole album myself?

I've done it. The record is 100% finished, mixed and mastered. The new album weaves through indie pop, rock, experimental & acoustic sounds. I then called on a few Aussies to help finish the job. The record was mixed in Australia by Sean Carey and Michael Carpenter. Mixes were approved via the cloud & then mastered at Australia's largest mastering studio by Rick O'Neil.

The only thing that isn't finished, is the final physical product. This time around I'm not involving record labels, I'm doing it all independently. However, I'd love to involve you and ask you to help finance bringing the project into the physical world through funding the packaging of the record. We live in a download crazy age. Being trained in design and art direction and having worked as a record sleeve designer in London and Sydney, I'm still a big believer in a beautiful physical product.

What I want to do now is design & illustrate the FOREIGN CITIES packaging myself. Then I'll release the album in 3 formats: 180 gram heavy weight vinyl with download card, a CD/DVD combo and obviously a download too.

I'm also collaborating with a whole group of filmmakers, animators, photographers and visual artists to launch FOREIGN CITIES on May 17 in Dublin. The idea behind this is simple: On my own, I created the full audio album. For the visual side of things I wanted to flip this around and collaborate with a number of other creatives. The FOREIGN CITIES MUSIC FILMS PROJECT gives a group of visual creatives opportunity to create new films based on my audio album. The brief to them was very open; use the songs as an audio bed for your own story, or make a promo for the song - it was up to them. They were free to involve me as much or as little as they wanted. So far we've already worked with directors, producers, DOPs & Set dressers to name just a few. More films are being shot over the next 2 months. You can keep up to date at foreigncities.tv. I'm super excited to see the outcome and I'd also like to include these films in the package I release with the final record.

Its exciting for me to get you involved early. That way, I can list you in the artwork as a FOREIGN CITIES supporter. If you're feeling extra supportive, check out how to become an executive producer of the record below. So together let's release a beautiful Foreign Cities album package into the physical world on May 17. Thanks so much for your support.


Note: Physical albums will be posted a week prior to release.