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Foreign Owl - The Album

By Eoghan Donegan


We, as Foreign Owl are ready to record and release our debut album.
You, our fans have been asking for it for some time, but it was important for us to take our time to improve ourselves to the point where we felt ready to be able to produce an album of quality.
This year will mark the end of this chapter of songs, gigs and energy. We've had an amazing time playing these songs and are ready to create an album to represent and finalise this era.

We need your help to make this album a reality.

Without you, there is no us, without you there is no music to be shared, without sharing, there is nothing to be created.

Through our journey with this music, money has always been tight.
We started with almost nothing, and every penny earned went back into the band. 
Our equipment has always been cheap, used, half broken and beautifully terrible. 
We have received so much support with this music, from friends, family and fans (Oftentimes all the same thing). 
We couldn't get here without you, and we can't finish this chapter without you.

Since the genesis of the band, we have been striving to become better and better at what we do. There is no end for our pursuit of musical enlightenment.
We have worked to record a lot of songs and we're glad you have enjoyed what we have released so far, but for us, this has been all in preparation for this debut album. We feel ready as a band now to bring this album into reality. 

We are asking for €2000
For us, the most important part is recording, mixing and producing the album.
We have a budget of €1600 for this.

We have £400 of prize money left from the recent battle of the bands in Derry
[Some of this money was used to pay rent for our rehearsal space]

This £400 + anything left over from the €2000, will be used to manufacture physical vinyl and CD's. 
We will also have to pay a service fee to Fund It.

If we successfully reach our target, the only challenge we'll face is creating an honest and un-compromised representation of the music.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to help us bring this album to light.
It's been a beautiful ride and we want to offer the best possible bookmark (Album) for this chapter.


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