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Found... a poetry collection and album

By Stan Notte Creations


I've been writing, performing and recording poetry for the past ten years. And now is the time to put the words and music out into the world in book and audio form. Truthfully, both are overdue. And I'm looking forward to woking with the great musicians and creatives I've been lucky to meet while pursuing my own creative path.

€800 - Book design and typesetting
€600 - Professional editing of book
€1200 - Printing 200 copies of the book
€800 - Studio rental (5 Days)
€850 - Musician fees
€750 - Production of 200 CDs

I am fortunate to have met and forged friendship with many creatives over the years. And now have friends who can: design a layout for my poetry collection (Kasia). Fine tune the language, grammar etc to a professional level (Paul). Musicians (Malcolm, Elaine, John, Eileen, Meghan) and vocalists (Taly, Tania) who can create soundscapes for my words. And studio wizards (Brendan, Dave) to record, produce and mix music, vocalists and my own voice expertly. All in all I have more than enough skills at my disposal. But hey, better to be looking AT it, than for it!

My team are very experienced, and have faced many challenges in the past. I am therefore confident we can overcome any issue.
Packing and distribution of rewards is a challenge I will utilise my business skills to overcome. I will pay someone to help complete this task from my savings.

I have invested personal savings in my art on numerous occasions over the years (what creative hasn't). Right now my savings don't cover the required budget to release Found the book, and album. So this campaign, and your generosity, is crucial to the birth of my collection and album.

All creative people have an innate desire for their work to go out into the world. So I would like to extend a heartfelt 'Thank You' for the time you have given to reading about my campaign.