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Fox.E and the Good Hands Debut Album!

By Fox.E And The Good Hands


Hey all! Thanks so much for checking out our Fund it campaign!

For those of you who don't know, Fund it is a genius way of being part of our story - you can make a pledge, we use your donations to finance the launch of our album and you get a deadly reward! We thank you for being involved - we hope our rewards inspire you!

We are Fox.E and the Good Hands,a 6 piece funk, soul and rap band that have been gigging non-stop for the past two years! We are a live band, we are high energy, we love a great show! We are different and edgy and we have worked so hard to capture that in our debut album, 'Curvy'. The name of the album signifies lots of things to us. The definition of curvy is 'A line that deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion' - and that is what we are! We deviate from the straight, we are smooth and we are going to continue for as long as possible!

We love the image of curves, and it describes us musically too, all 6 of us have different music tastes that all curve around each other to produce our unique sound! We are so proud of every single song from this album and we cant wait to share it with you all!

In September 2012 after months and months of saving every penny we had, we went to the renowned and incredible Grouse Lodge and recorded a 12 track album with our engineer, the wonderful Fintan Moore. This was an incredible experience and we are so proud of our work!! After investing so much money into the recording process, we are now looking for a little bit of help for the next bit - the money we are raising here goes towards the mixing, reproduction, distribution and launch of this album in March 2013.

We tried to do something a little different here and we hope you like it! We have been thinking about our Fund it video for a long time, chatting about it, working on ideas, trying things out - we figured if we are going to ask you to donate something to us, we should at least give you a video that you find entertaining so you can see how dedicated we are to our fans and our music. We got as many people involved as we could to make the video and to send out a message about our upcoming album - Curvy! We really hope that it captures our energy and our spirit and gives you a taste of what we are about. Big love to all the fans who got involved, without you we wouldn't exist!

We hope you enjoy the video, we hope you make a pledge, and we hope you continue to be part of our story

We like it curvy... Do you?




Dear super fans, friends and family. I can't believe that we have gone over €3000 and we still have three weeks left of the campaign. Your support and generosity has been absolutely overwhelming, I don't know how we can thank you enough! We wanted to let you know that until the campaign is over we have no idea who gave what! They tell us at the end, its all very exciting! So for us, your name just comes up and that's all we know. In terms of what we are at, we are currently working on the calendar, getting it ready for those of you who ordered it and we hope to have it to you for the first week of January! We are just about to get all the album mixes back too so its a very exciting time for us, and we are so glad that you are part of that journey! For example, we wouldn't be able to pay our sound engineer for mixing the album without this campaign, so your support is so appreciated - we are doing things on the back of YOUR finance right now, its all happening and its all thanks to YOU! We will be in touch soon, thanks again and happy Christmas! Big love, Fox.E and the Good Hands x

Thank you so much!

Hey! We cant thank you enough for your donation to this project, without our fans we wouldn't be able to do this and we promise to deliver you a super product that you will be so proud of!! We are almost half way there already!! We like it curvy and it seems you do too, so thank you thank you thank you! We will be in touch again soon, big big love, Fox.E and All the Good Hands! xxx

Over 10% Already!!

Thanks so much for your contributions so far, we are so delighted with the response and cant thank you enough for what you have done! Big love, Fox.E and the Good Hands xxx

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