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Fractals - an evening of Short Works

By Echo Echo Dance


FRACTALS - AN EVENING OF SHORT WORKS will be the first full length programme of original works by dance artist, choreographer, and Echo Echo Ensemble member Kelly Quigley.

Kelly has been commissioned by Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement to create and present Fractals at the fourth edition of the international festival in November 2016 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

FRACTALS will consist of three diverse dance and movement theatre short works:

A brand new work commission to be created in October 2016. A duet piece exploring the dynamics within working friendships, position, power, authority, trust, love and sisterhood.

This solo work, performed and created by Kelly Quigley celebrates the body through dance. She says, “when it comes to dancing – does size shape or age really matter? Why should these things inhibit how we like to move?”

A piece for 5 dancers that delves into the weird and wonderful way in which the subconscious mind intertwines with the conscious mind. Premiered in 2013, Hemmed In will be re-worked and developed for the 2016 Festival.

Kelly Quigley is a First Class BA Dance graduate of Ulster University. She joined Echo Echo Ensemble in 2009 and has been involved as performer, director, co-deviser and writer in a very wide range of productions and tours including Undercurrent, The Cove, Without and Lost in Frost to name but a few.

Kelly regularly teaches dance and movement to people of all ages and abilities working in schools, community partnerships, and on Echo Echo's participation programmes. Kelly has played a leading role in the award-winning Body Wisdom programme for over-50s who regularly create new performance projects.

FRACTALS will be performed by Echo Echo Ensemble Artists: Ayesha Mailey, Tonya Sheina, Zoe Ramsey, Janie Doherty and Kelly Quigley. The Ensemble have been working closely together for over six years (voluntary/freelance) providing a deep artistic context for the work.

Kelly Quigley: "I would really appreciate your help with making this show. It is so difficult for individual artists to find funding, especially funding to make new work. Crowdfunding has really given artists like myself the chance to be able to do that with quality and to a professional standard, which is why I have started this campaign. Any contribution no matter how large or small would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

All of the pledges received will be used towards modest Artist Fees for Ensemble Artists to co-devise and perform FRACTALS over 4 weeks in October/November 2016. Echo Echo will provide 4 weeks of free space and technical support with lighting and sound; and support with promotion, advertising and documentation.

Working as a freelance artist is always challenging but we are optimistic that we can make this happen. The main risk is that if the campaign is unsuccessful that the project cannot go ahead as planned in 2016. This work would not be possible without your support.

Wish us luck! THANK YOU!!!