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Frankenstein Bolts Debut Album

By Frankenstein Bolts


Thank you for checking out my Fund it Project. I need to raise funds to have my full length début album mixed, mastered and duplicated. I have been writing and recording this album over the past year and a half and it is now ready to be taken to the final stage.

I recorded the album with a producer/recording engineer named Paul Juggins, who brought a fresh electronic element to my folky sound. The album is soaked in delay effects, lush synths, and breathy vocals giving it a nice dream pop feel.

I am very happy with the way it all sounds now and it is really exciting to listen to the songs back to back and have a feeling of cohesion between them. I have posted some rough mixes of a few of the songs on www.breakingtunes.com/frankensteinbolts

Over the past year I have translated the album to a live setting with the help of 3 fantastic musicians, Dave Sheehan, Phil Coulter and John Mac Naeidhe. Along with Paul on sound we were able to make this dreamy folk come to life in venues around the country and our aim is to release this album by the start of august and to launch it at a series of gigs later in August.

The funds I am looking to raise will allow me to pay for the mixing engineer, the mastering studio time, the duplication of the CDs and the cover artwork and Fund it are enabling me to ask you to get involved at this stage to help me complete an album of songs that I am very proud of and that has taken a year and a half of hard work to finish, while giving something back in return.

Any help would be very much appreciated in helping with the next step and I would like to thank you for reading this, and taking the time to check out this page.

FB x



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