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FRIGIDS! short film

By Suri Grennell


FRIGIDS! short film takes a lighthearted look back at those cringey moments of fumbling in the dark, saying the wrong thing and not knowing your arse from your elbow!


FRIGIDS! is a short comedy about two awkward teenage girls navigating their burgeoning sexuality in the Irish midlands.

When Alice’s mum goes away for the night, herself and best friend Jenny grab the opportunity to throw a huge party and prove, once and for all, that they’re not frigid lesbos.

The night comes to blows between two very different groups of teens and Alice and Jenny must decide where they truly belong.

Featuring all the characters you still remember from back in the day, from that gorgeous, mean bitch to the kid with the fluffy moustache and monobrow, FRIGIDS! will transport you back to the bewilderment and hilarity of figuring yourself out against the backdrop of midlands Ireland.

Why we need your help:

As students of the National Film School there are certain resources available to us to help us realize our final year projects. We are provided with the majority of the equipment we require for filming, insurance, postproduction facilities and key crew. Unfortunately there are many other costs that we will incur in order to be able to make the film, these include:

• Catering for cast & crew
• Accommodation for cast & crew
• Location rentals
• Hair/Makeup/Costume design and production
• Van Rental
• Distribution fees

With your beauty, kindness and generosity we’ll be able to make this film the best it can be and hopefully have you laughing your pants off when it’s released!

Who we are

Writer/director Suri Grennell is a final year student of IADT, National Film School. She is the queen of awkward – managing to eke out a cringe even in the most average, everyday situations and for this reason she leans towards comedy and ‘car-crash’ characters! Most recently, her short film Not OK Cupid, a skin-crawling sketch about online dating, screened at both The Firehouse Film Contest and Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival in 2014. Suri also works as both director of Eat My Shorts festival, where she actively promotes up-and-coming filmmakers and curates events that provide a platform for short film in all it’s tiny glory, and as a production intern for True Films.

Emma Keane came on board as producer of FRIGIDS! as the script brought her right back to 3rd year when she was caught fellating a test tube to the amusement of her friends, but not, as it turned out, to that of her Vice Principal! Her most notable work has been in Still Dancing, a short documentary about dancehalls and courting culture in 1950's rural Ireland which has screened at Kerry Film Festival and Clare Island Film Festival, and more recently the I AM YOURS music video for Monster Monster.

We're also lucky to be joined by a great team of talented young filmmakers from IADT.