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From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes

By Eileen O'Duffy


I have been obsessed with the sea all my life and writing this book in my head for about the last 20 years! The book is finally written and the typesetting and layout are in progress. It will be ready to go to print when the funds are available. I am not looking for donations/pledges. Simply preorder From Dirt to Dips to Dryrobes to support the publication of this book. The book is a labour of love, a cost recovery, local community project.

Bathing in Dún Laoghaire through the ages

The coastal town of Dún Laoghaire has always had a strong historical connection with the sea. Over the years, local baths were central to the daily lives of the community. More recently, an increasing number of swimmers, young and old, have taken to the sea to reap the benefits for their physical and mental wellbeing.
From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes traces the origins of baths and bathing from the 19th and 20th century baths and washhouses to the present day open sea swimming. It provides an insight into how these activities have changed to reflect society and the norms of the time, and includes fascinating images from the past and present.

The book is A4 Landscape size and has a laminated hard cover with 160 pages printed on 150gsm silk paper. This paper is made by binding silk fibres together to create a luxurious feel to touch. It is not a book for the handbag, but a beautiful book for the coffee table. 

What are the benefits of preordering?

There will be a limited number of 1,000 copies of the book published. Supporters who preorder will be invited to attend a launch to collect their books at the Forty Foot, Sandycove in August 2021 TBC, subject to Covid restrictions. The list of supporters will be included in the book.

Pricing and security

Each book costs €35. If you want to order more than one copy, please calculate as follows:
1 book €35
2 books €70
3 books €105
4 books €140 etc.

Fund It is an Ireland-based crowdfunding website. All-or-nothing funding means that Fund it obtains card authorization from Funders to debit their account if the given Project reaches its funding goal.
The target of €9,840 includes the cost of printing, typesetting, design and image licenses. It also includes an eight percent fee charged by Fund It.


How will I collect the book?

Please note books will not be posted. If you are unable to attend the launch in August, I will post regular updates here on Fund It with details of collection points and dates. I can also arrange delivery in the local Dún Laoghaire area.

Thanks everybody for all the support and encouragement to date and thanks to all the local swimmers who have sent me their stories, quotations and beautiful photos.



From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes

Woohoo, look what has just arrived and here’s the photo evidence! 

I’d like to invite you all to the launch on Thursday 9th September 2.30pm at the Forty Foot in Sandycove to collect your books. The books will be signed in advance in order to avoid queues and delays but I can add any personal messages if required. There will also be books on sale as some people have contacted me about this. 

There is plenty of space at the platform behind the Forty Foot so there is no need to worry about crowds. However, there is little or no shelter if it rains so bring an umbrella. Dryrobes are also very welcome! I’m hoping as many as possible will be able to come along as I’d like to thank you in person. 

After the launch I will have a look at the remaining people who could not attend and email you to arrange delivery/collection. You have all taken the time and trouble to preorder books in advance and it will be my priority to ensure you get them as soon as possible.   

Thanks again for all your support, encouragement and patience. 


From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes

Just a quick update on progress. From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes has gone to print. I’ve just heard the spine and cover are finished and looking beautiful but there will be a slight delay and the finished books are expected towards the end of August/early September rather than mid-August. I know Maria my mum will be devastated as she asks me every day when she can hold the book in her hands (!) but I don’t think anybody else will lose any sleep!

The plan is still to hold a launch at the Forty Foot to collect the books. I will send an update as soon as the books arrive to confirm details. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. 


From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes

We made it over the line! Thanks again to you all for the support and encouragement, you have made the book happen. Please note a number of you may have received emails to retry as ‘Your card transaction has failed’. Apparently this is perfectly normal as the banks have built in extra security for unusual transactions, the link is safe. Alternatively, you can phone Fund It 01 662 9238 with your card details.  

I am still going through final proofs and expect the book to go to print on Monday 19 July. The books are due for delivery about four weeks later. I will post here when the books arrive with details of the launch and collection.  



From Dirt and Dips to Dryrobes

Thanks each and every one of you for all the support and encouragement to date. It is so lovely to see so many familiar names from the past and the present on the list. The book layout proofs have started to arrive so it is full steam ahead now.  Here’s a preview:

Please share the information with any friends who might be interested and explain to them the book is not available in the shops and must be preordered online before Tuesday 13 July. At the time of writing there are 6 days and 21 hours to go (keep an eye on the ticker above!) and only 119 books left to preorder to meet the target goal of €9840.

Hopefully all will go according to plan and I look forward to meeting up with you all at the launch in mid-August. I’ll post updates here with details.

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