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'Fun & Games' 25th Anniversary Re-issue

By Niall Quinn


The Hitchers are aiming for a 25th Anniversary limited edition re-release of their 1997 debut album It’s All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye on 12” vinyl. Originally released on CD only -the critically acclaimed album, described by NME as “a work of lyrical genius” and which spawned the singles Strachan/You Can Only Love Someone, Killed It With My Bare Hands and Big Mug is long since out of print and can only be found 2nd hand on the likes of eBay or Amazon – where there’s one loon looking for 60 sterling for it!!.

We’re in the process of getting the audio files together and recreating the artwork faithfully to put Fun & Games into your hands in time for Christmas 2021. We've built in some 'Christmas Gift'-type rewards and hope it helps you stuff some Christmas stockings. The handmade Hitchers themed Christmas cards and handmade glass coasters are made by Niall who studied sculpture and printmaking. Check out some of his glass art here.

We need your support to bring back Fun & Games on vinyl!

Costs involved:
Vinyl album production - €1,222
Re-Mastering for vinyl - €600
Graphics/Artwork - In-house
P&P (100LPs)  - €1,000
Total: €2,822

Timeline: May -Build Fund it Crowdfunder
June -Remastering Audio for vinyl, Delivery of artwork and production masters to manufacturers
August -announcement of launch event details
November -delivery of units
December -Launch (Date TBC)

I’m running this Fund it on The Hitchers behalf and the bandmembers will take part in promoting and pushing the drive for support. I’ve successfully run a Fund it in the past -7 or 8 years ago now for my ‘other band’ Theme Tune Boy. We’re confident we have the media presence and experience to get the project over the line. We have a small but loyal and long-standing support base both here and in the UK and we’re hopeful they’ll support this initiative.

There are relatively few obstacles once we’re in funds. Our suppliers/manufacturers are waiting on masters and our mastering-for-vinyl-guy is vastly experienced and is just waiting for the nod to get started.

We’re determined this project will be self-financing. This band zooms in and out of the realm of existence for a few days every couple of years so doesn’t generate income from regular live work. We want to run this lean and make enough units to cover demand with very little surplus.

The Hitchers very much hope you can support It's All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye being issued on vinyl for the first time. We also hope to see as many of you as possible when can get together to celebrate it's relaunch. Thanks and stay safe.

Some Ts&Cs in relation to the various rewards. 

*'Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Re-issue' means It's All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye 12" Vinyl Limited Edition Re-Issue 
*Date and Venue of launch event TBC -but will of course be in Limerick. Tickets bought through this Fundit are non-refundable but are transferable/giftable



Fun and Games Launches Friday ...now for some BETTER TV!!

On Friday night next (Oct 28th) at Dolans we'll celebrate the re-issue of our first album It's All Fun and Games Til Someone Loses An Eye -it's happening thanks to your support for the :Fund:it presale that made it possible.
Today we launch a NEW :Fund:it campaign to similarly re-issue our 2nd album For The Want of Some Better TV AND our BBC Sessions recorded for John Peel and Steve Lamacq. We hope you can support us once again. We've tried to offer the best value we can with the 2-album bundle pack in an environment where vinyl production costs are spiralling upwards.

Thanks for your time and generosity and please share the links and spread the word.

"For The Want of Some Better TV was released to widespread critical acclaim in 1999 and spawned the singles I Can't Breath In Outer Space and Liver. In some ways it was a considerable departure from their debut Fun and Games as it featured no guest musicians, few overdubs and was recorded in a fraction of the time as their debut by a band who'd been honing their skills on the live circuits of Ireland and Britain.  
The Hitchers BBC sessions were long thought to be lost but were recently unearthed in pristine condition. These include the bands John Peel Session recorded at BBC Maida Vale in July 1997 and their Lamacq Live In Concert Session recorded at Mandela Hall, Belfast a month earlier with both recordings capturing the band at the peak of their powers."


Wheels are turning

Hello to all our funders. It's four weeks since the end of our four week fundraiser and we've been busy so apologies for going uncharacteristically quiet for a while there. Audio and Artwork is now complete, gone to the makers and you should be receiving an email from thehitchersATGMAIL in the coming days requesting details like delivery addresses (where necessary) to send your reward/order. 


Without wanting to slap our own backs too hard as that can put a shoulder out -the artwork looks great. It looked like a daunting task at first  as it quickly became apparent we were going to have to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up as even if the original artwork existed it'd be on a bunch of 3MB floppy discs somewhere and probably scanned at resolutions way short of production standard today.  


So luckily we still had access to all the original raw imagery used and were able to not just faithfully reproduce but actually enhance the quality of the artwork so it'd scale up from 4"CD to 12"LP dimensions without looking like a pixel salad. 


The audio sounds powerful. Richard at Wavmastering here in Limerick truly excelled himself with the re-mastering for vinyl and we're really looking forward to sharing that out too. 


Take care y'all. Enjoy the summer while it's there. It's July after all -often the official start of Irish winter. 


They're closing the departure gates.

In the final moments of our Fun & Games Fund:it we just wanted to say thanks for the support. We'd an idea to do an open zoom thing just to chink glasses and maybe do a couple of songs after we're formally home and hosed. But truthfully we're up to our eyeballs trying to get the artwork and other bits nailed and sent off. So maybe in a few days or next week or whenever we'll chill a magnum and call a meeting to order.

Thanks again for bringing back It's All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye..

The halfway mark

So, we're halfway through and at time of writing about 120% funded for our initial plan to make up 100 vinyl copies of It's all Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye. 

We're now in a position where, if we can get another dozen or so people to sign up, we should be able to scale up the numbers of vinyls we produce a bit -that would be really sweet. We're not looking to produce 1000s of the things -not even high hundreds -we'll just end up stuck with them. But we'd have some available in years to come. 

So what we're asking is that you just keep sharing this and the updates we post on FB, TW etc. 

Thanks again, The Hitchers



5 days in and 4/5ths funded!

Hi there, Niall from The Hitchers here calling in to say thanks for your support for our plan to re-issue Fun & Games on vinyl.

The response so far has been great. We're 80% there in 5 days. I keep expecting it to grind to halt like panzers in the mud but it keeps going.

But if you take a look at the sums it becomes apparent this is a fat-free initiative where the funds raised will pay for enough units and no more. So the message I'm trying to get out and when I share it -and am asking everyone else to do likewise -is that it's unlikely we'll have any spares available to sell afterwards -be that online, the bandcamp, in shops or on our rare forays into live work. So the only way to be sure of securing Fun & Games on vinyl is to get on board now basically ...and tell 'em yes we're posting world-wide. 

So please continue sharing it on your social media, stay safe and  thanks again for your time and support. 

We found some old tapes from pre-production and the early days of recording the album. Having spent a good chunk of week 1 (no kidding - a week!) getting drum sounds conceivably usable never mind good -we spent a lot of week 2 lashing down 40-odd songs in various states of completion. Among them was one I've long regretted didn't get progressed further. Featuring Hoss on vocals and guitar, Andy 'tick-tock' Gallagher on Drums and Niall 'Dum-Dum' Quinn on bass. -We'd sent Eric for a crate of  those 50p each out of date Faxe beers from the offie.


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